Easy mark

That’s me, an easy mark. West knows this and takes advantage of it as much as he can. He knows it doesn’t take much to convince me to jump in the car and head to Disneyland while Eli is in school. I figure I’m getting quality time with him while using our beloved passes, so why not? As long as we’re not doing anything else, we may as well! :)

Such was the case on Friday and we headed out.


(Now, as a public service announcement, the camera on my iPhone has a crack across it, so the photos all look like they’re taken through a hazy bubble or something. Sorry about that, just imagine they’re nice and crisp. Next time I’ll lug my big baby with me instead and I’ll have better pictures to show for it! ;)  )

We rode Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree – a staple for us on any Disney trip.


West looking for letters while waiting in line


We hit up one of our favorites – the Jellyfish flyers!

disney trio1

We checked out the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail, which is one of West’s favorites.



Finding animal tracks


Then, of course, we had to split a churro. It was calling to us. ;)


It threatened to rain on us, but we thankfully stayed dry while we were there. It sure made for short lines on the rides, though! Yay for rain at Disneyland in March! ;)


After we got home, we picked up Eli from school and he had his report card with him. All of his grades were FANTASTIC so we decided to celebrate. And what better way than to meet up with Nathan at Disneyland?!

Yes, that is me. The woman who drove to and from Disneyland twice in one day just because she could. And I’m not ashamed. ::GRIN::

West met Mickey! Eli didn’t want his picture taken with him, ha.


We went on Toy Story (and I CREAMED Nathan’s score, just so you know)





I took one for the team and rode the carousel with West and Eli while Nathan cheered us on from the sidelines, ha.


And the last ride we went on, Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree (yes, again), we waited in line for about 15 minutes with no sign of rain, not even a sprinkle. Then, just as it was our turn to get on the ride, the skies opened up and it started POURING. Luckily the boys and I had hoodies that we could put on, but poor Nathan only had a jacket so he got the worst of it. He even tried putting up an umbrella on the ride, but the CM’s wouldn’t let him. Poor guy. After that, we knew it was time to head home, tired but happy.

We had such a fun time! I love having passes and getting to go whenever we want. This is definitely something I love about living in California. And since we won’t live here forever (GASP! Say it isn’t so!), I really do cherish the time we get to spend here. I know we’re just so super lucky and I’m grateful for that.

And I tell you what – if anyone reading this comes out to Disneyland and wants a free guide to hang out for an hour or two, just let me know. I’m easily persuadable! :D