hi there

Can you see those two little toofers? Yep, those (and the four on the top that you can't see) are what has been giving me early gray hairs for the past couple of weeks! That's a major reason I've been MIA here as well.

What have we been up to lately? Well, this past weekend we took a nice little walk around our neighborhood and had a lovely time. We've also been busy running errands,

setting up a tent in our living room,


(and yes, this is an older picture because I haven't taken any of the tent today. but it's still the same tent and boy, just imagine shorter hair, lol!)

taking pictures of my little crazies,



celebrating a dear friend's birthday,

learning how to clap,

learning to clap

and just generally having a good time. I've also been working on getting some inspiration for decorating the house a little more. I am just lazy and need to get my butt in gear and do it! And for cheap! :) I love the whole DIY idea, and I follow a few blogs that embrace this thinking. It's fun to see the before and after photos. Maybe one of these days I'll have some to share.

Anyways, I'm off this weekend on a roadtrip to Utah with my two best boys (they hubby has to work, boo!) and I'm going to be soaking in the FALL they're having up there. I'm a tad bit jealous, but I'll keep it to myself. Maybe one day we'll live somewhere where the leaves actually change! And I don't mean in January! :)


i LOVE my family!

so, as i'm sure you've noticed (or maybe not. maybe i'm just narcissistic to think that you'd notice me being gone, LOL!), but i haven't been blogging in a while. mostly it's because i've had lots going on, some of it is because we haven't really done much lately to blog about, but it's also because i've been trying to figure out where i am with this and the photography thing and what i want to get out of it. for a while there i wanted to blog and post about everything in my life, and lately it just hasn't been that way. maybe it's just an 'i am tired of blogging' phase that i'll grow out of, or maybe it's just a stepping away from this to do more important things at the moment. or maybe it's because the hubby's been out of town more often and my go-to camera lens is broken! whatever it is, i'm just going to roll with it and not worry about expectations, real or imagined. :) so you can stay with me and read all about it if you'd like. if not, that's cool.

so anyways, about this title, i really do love my family. and while i do love my immediate family, that's not who i mean. i'm talking about my extended family -- my aunts and uncles and cousins. specifically, this day, i'm talking about my aunt debbie, my aunt mary, and my little sister. i love them because they are helping me out with a situation that is really stressful to me, but knowing that they are there for me and able to help is just taking a HUGE weight off my shoulders.

they're going to take turns watching my beautiful boys while i'm teaching and participating in a scrap girls convention* coming up in october. this has been a huge deal for me because i knew that if i was going to go to the convention, i would have to give away my kids to someone(s) for a while, and i hate not only burdening someone else with that task, but also being away from them and not having control of what's going on. i know i need to let go more often, so this is good for me, but it's still stressful trying to make sure they'll be well-taken care of all of these days i'll be gone.

but in step these amazing women who are here to help out and i am just SO grateful to them for their cheerful countenances and helpful attitudes. it's seriously nice to know that i won't have to worry about the kids because they'll be with family they know and love and i know they'll have a blast.

from left to right: grams, aunt debbie, my seester ali and me
(totally fat and about 11 months pregnant. or maybe it just seemed like that. but i really was about to pop, so be kind to the horrible picture.)

so thank you, family, for all of your help, love, and support. especially to someone who hasn't seen you in years (debbie!) !

oh, and shayne, you're awesome. thank you for being willing to help, and i know we'll have a chance to take you up on it some day.

and grams, you too, i know would be one of those helpers if you were going to be in town, i know it. :)

*PS: if you're at all interested in joining me at the convention this year, i suggest you do it! i promise, you won't be disappointed. i'm even teaching a great photography lighting class that you'll get lots out of, and there will be LOTS of amazing stuff to learn. trust me, you won't regret it. join us! :)


Travelin' Man

I can think of about 3 reasons why it's great when the hubby goes out of town.
  1. I don't have to cook dinner because I can eat a bowl of cereal and E is fine with PB&J
  2. I can watch whatever sappy, girly, old-fashioned movie I want (in last night's case, Sense & Sensibility) without any protests
  3. I can work on some crafty projects without feeling like I'm ignoring him

But then again I can think of at least 800 reasons why it is not very fun when the hubby goes out of town.

We miss you, babe. All of us. E keeps asking where you are and when you'll be coming home. I know, I know, it wasn't a very long trip, but still. :)

Can't wait to welcome you home tonight!