Fellow Moms (and Dads), This One is For You

dear moms (and dads),

today i am here to give you a warning. but first, let me tell you a story....

saturday morning i got up very early to make some cinnamon rolls for our ward (church) easter egg hunt and breakfast. i had recently bought a 10-lb. bag of flour because i wanted to get into baking more fresh breads and yummy goodies. so i made the cinnamon rolls, went to the program (which was so fun, by the way, pictures to follow) and had a great time. but by the time we got home, i was TIRED!

so i got the boys settled watching a show in my room, and then fell asleep on my bed.

when i woke up, e was there on the bed. i didn't notice anything strange with him, but i did see that w was not in the room. i asked where he was, and e said downstairs.

well, i'll let the pictures show you what i saw when i went down to find him:

flour mess footprints

flour mess2

flour mess1

covered in flour2

covered in flour!

examining the flour mess

explaining the flour catastrophe

explaining whose fault it is (obviously it was all w's fault...he says)


and i suppose i have to give them credit for wanting to help clean up. e got out the broom and dustpan (while tracking flour into the pantry to get them) and here you can see w trying to scoop it up off the floor and put it back into the bag (that has the dustpan sticking out of it). so i can't be mad, right?

the funniest part is that when i woke up and saw e on my bed, i didn't even realize he had flour all over his clothes! that must have been a good nap!

and my proud mom moment of the whole catastrophe? when instead of yelling, i instantly thought, "where's my camera??"


so to all of you moms and dads out there, just know that on saturday, you were doing a WAY better job than me!



House and Home!

Dude! My child is going to eat us out of it!


Big E is going through some sort of growth spurt because all I hear, all the live-long day, are various renditions of, "Mom, I'm hungry!"

Sometimes it's, "Can I have a snack?" Or, "When are we going to eat dinner?" (This one, of course, is usually at about 10:30am, so the response is never one he wants to hear, and is always followed with something along the lines of, "But that's way too looooooong!!")

(and yes, he's without a shirt in both pictures. don't even get me started on the battle it is to keep clothes on this kid!)

Other times he cuts right to the chase: "Hungry." Well, who can argue with that kind of direct statement? Not me! That's usually when I know he means business.

Goodness gracious, I just hope that we have some of our pantry stock left when this is all over. Otherwise, Costco will thank me, but my hubby and wallet will not!

But then, in between fixing what seems like a million meals and snacks, he gives me one of these:


And then everything is right with the world again.

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This was our view at the park today:

view from the park

With a nice, soft breeze, sunlight and shade.


I'm Coming for YOU...

Salt Lake City!

(I literally just typed in Salt Lakey and had to delete it....I guess this married name is growing on me....ha!!)

I will be there the weekend of April 16th and am currently taking bookings for sessions.

If you are looking for a portrait, family, or engagement session during that time, I will be available for your every waking need. (Well, maybe not that much. But close!)

Contact me ASAP to get your spot, as I'll only be in town for a few days and spaces are extremely limited (I'm talking only 3 or 4 total)!


And whaddya know? The SALE going on right now is valid for this trip. So get to it!

You can reach me here: laurel@laurellakey.com

I really can't wait!

Are you afraid of the dark?

Anyone remember that old Nickleodeon show? The worst was the one where they had that restaurant that made delicious soup from peoples' worst nightmares? Remember? No? It's just me? Oh. Well then. Let's move on.

I hate it when Nathan's out of town and I'm alone in the house (well, the kids don't count once they're in bed). I always stay up WAY too late when this happens, as evidenced by this blog post at 2:30am.

But don't worry, at least I'm productively working.

Maybe. If you count blog stalking Jasmine Star as productive. Or work. It's at least one out of the two, I'm sure of it.

But yeah, I think it's finally time for me to call it a night. I'll be dreaming of off-camera flash and natural reflectors and an 85mm 1.4 prime lens....


Hey Hot Stuff!

Most of you know Janae, right? My sister-in-law? Well, just you wait until you get to see some recent pictures I took of her! She's such a beautiful girl. All you guys better take a number!

Head on over to my photography blog to check them out!


You could win a Nikon D80!

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Lazy Thursday Morning

I should be:

- cleaning up the house
- getting ready for my sister-in-law to come over
- calling my insurance company
- getting a jump on spring cleaning
- doing the dishes in the sink

Instead, I'm enjoying these boys, playing on my non-made bed.






Some days I just really love not having a schedule yet, not being bogged down by having to be anywhere like school, soccer, achievement days, etc.

And I know {for a fact} that these days are numbered, so I'm taking advantage of the lazy while I can. Because you know I love my lazy!


Thanks, Mom!

Can I just tell you how much I love my mom? Well, it's a lot.

I love that when I send her an email containing the exact birthday present that I want, she doesn't disappoint!

I saw this cute scripture cover over at this shop, via Ucreate and I just loved it! I wanted to get one, but thought that since my birthday is coming up soon (April 1st, ahem), I would just ::suggest:: it to my mom in case she had been searching and searching for just the perfect gift and couldn't find anything at all. :)

The way I see it, it's simply a win-win situation -- I get what I want and my mom can get me something that she knows I'll love!

See? It's all logical. ::wink::

I like the strap that goes over the pages so that all the papers that I usually have stuffed in there won't fall out when I'm wielding this around.

Isn't the fabric yummy? I love the bold patter, the little flower on the front, and I love that it has a great pen holder on the outside so that I always have a place for my pencils.

And with it being a custom order, I was able to get the size for my GINORMOUS scriptures and they fit beautifully!

So thank you, mom! You got me a wonderful gift and I'm so glad it's something I know I'll use and love.

Love you! :)


Yeah, we're too cool for school. :)

Have a great night!