No Shame

So yesterday I took the boys to Chic-Fil-A to have lunch and play in the playplace. We had a nice meal, and towards the end, E says, "Mom I have to go potty right now!" So of course, I don't take the hint. Instead I think I can grab W out of the high chair, take the remains of our lunch over to the trash can and then take him to the bathroom.

Well, apparently he couldn't wait.

I turn around from dumping the tray and there is my 4-year-old son with his pants around his ankles, standing in the middle of the Chic-Fil-A.

Little did I know he had such a high level of self-esteem coupled with a very low level of caring what others of him. Sometimes I wish I had those personality traits! :)

Seriously, though, I'm just glad he didn't start peeing right then and there.

So with West in my arms clinging for dear life, I ninja-moved over to E, yanked up his pants and ran him to the bathroom, hoping that no one noticed. I didn't have the guts to look around and see who was silently laughing. Luckily we made it and had no other complications the rest of the outing.

Such is my life. :)



This morning E asked me to make him a magician's top hat as well as a cape and wand. So I whipped up a hat and wand out of cardstock, and had him put on his super hero cape and he was off!

(And I realize that the top hat is more chef's hat than magician's hat, but hey, it's just for fun. Don't judge. :D )

After a little bit he said, "Mom, I don't really want to make things disappear for real. Just pretend." I guess he was worried about losing something that he made disappear! Especially since he was practicing on W. :)




His willing assistant.




Hope your day is magical!


No way did I just win this!

I can't believe it! I've finally won my first blog giveaway! It's taken over a year of entering, but I've done it!

Melissa over at Checkout Girl does some amazing embroidery/felt/fabric creations and she had a giveaway for a beautiful print of one of her recent pieces of sweetness. And I won it! Just winning something would be awesome, but to win this print is seriously way too cool. I just love the whole imaginary friend motif and I can't wait to get it framed!

Now to figure out where it's going to hang....

Thanks again Melissa! :)


W-Hair Have We Been?

Well, yesterday was an eventful day. Not only did both boys have to go to the doctor to get shots (I guess that's what happens when you have your kids' birthdays so close together), but they both went afterward to get their hair cut. And it was W's first one ever.

Now, I know there have probably been many of you (MOM) who have seen recent pictures of W and have been screaming at your computer screen that that little hooligan needs a haircut! And trust me, it's not that we had some grand plan that we were going to let it grow out or anything, we just kind of ignored it for a while and it kept getting longer and longer and longer.

So I finally gave in when a) I realized that I really had to do something, like, yesterday; b) I wanted to surprise the hubby with W's first hair cut; and c)E got all excited when I told him if he was brave at the doctor getting his shots, that we'd go get his hair cut (which I had no idea he'd be so excited about). He was more excited about that than about getting some candy! :) So that's when I finally buckled down, bit the bullet, and took them both in.

Luckily the salon wasn't crowded and both boys did a GREAT job. Unfortunately, I don't have any 'during' pics to share, since W was sitting on my lap the whole time. But I can share some befores and afters. :) Enjoy!

W before

E before (sorry, he's showing off his cereal breakfast. Wouldn't pose for me any other way. Don't get me started on that, geez...)

W after -- doesn't he look like a little man? I can't believe it, he's no longer a baby! He's my big, grown up one-year-old.

E after -- finally got a semi-normal smile. I was happy. :)

Here are some more of the boys hanging out.




This is the only one of them standing up together -- W had no intention of turning around and smiling for the camera. And without an assistant to help, I was up a creek.

Ah well, whaddya gonna do...

I'm just glad that their hair is under control again. For now.

Now it's on to the hubby...


Favorite Vacation Spots

So, the latest assignment for my class at Scrap Girls was to scrap about your 3 favorite 'somethings'. I chose to do my three favorite vacation spots. I sure have been lucky to get to visit these amazing places. I hope that my traveling days are not over, either! :)

Okay, here it is.




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It's been so fun to do these layouts about myself. And even though I'm behind right now, I know I will finish all of the assignments (eventually!) and have a really cool book about myself when I'm done. Looking forward to it!