Dude. Next week is July. How in the world did that happen?

Well, here's a cute photo to bring in the summer season. :) Eli and I have been taking advantage of the beach lately, and we've both been loving it. Enjoy!

Some lost seaweed that we found. Exciting.

So excited about his two shovels. Ah, to be an easily amused child again!

Just diggin', Mama.

And here's Eli with his friends, David and Monica.
They're a great little group and they always have fun
playing together.


The new Collection is NOT the Special Announcement!

If you received an email from me and you're here for the 'special announcement', you'll have to scroll down a little. :)


A New Collection and a Movie

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that if you've ever been curious about digital scrapbooking and want to know what comes in a 'collection', have I got the thing for you. The amazing designers over at Scrap Girls have just released a FREE, brand new, FREE, gorgeous, FREE, Refresh collection. Did I mention it's FREE?? In it you get 16 expertly designed papers, a multitude of embellishments (seriously, I can't even count them all), 2 Scrap Simple Paper Templates, 2 Scrap Simple Embellishment Templates, a 3-piece brush set, a 3-piece Style set, and a 3-piece texture set.

All for free.

So don't miss this opportunity to pick it up and start playing. If you've got Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, or the big Kahuna (Photoshop CS3), then you're already good to go. Plus, if you've got any questions, you've basically got an expert right here ready and willing to help you out. That's right, I said it. I'm an expert. I'm finally embracing it, LOL. :)

On a less marketable note (heehee), Nathan and I took Eli to see his very first movie tonight! We went to see Kung Fu Panda. I just love Jack Black and I couldn't wait to see it. Eli did surprisingly well, even with a couple of intense scenes. We're thinking this may be the start of us getting out of our house once in a while together. Who knew?? :) Any other good kid movies out there right now? We've decided he may be a bit too young for the Dark Knight. So I guess we'll be calling on Aunt Janae to babysit for us, lol.


Okay, I really just had to share this one. Nathan and I were hysterically laughing at this for literally five minutes. I thought I was going to die.

Fail at Walmart

So here's our question -- how long were they 'investigating' this until they figured out it was only a burrito? Did they take the package to their squad car and try to resuscitate it, just to find out that it was filled with beans and cheese?

Wow. And then they reported it and put it in the newspaper. Double Wow. :)

Have you seen anything funnier than this? If so, I want to know! Leave me a comment with a link and I'll be your best friend! :) Well, not really. That spot is reserved. But I'll promise to like you forever. Promise. :)


An Exciting Announcement!

Well, it's official -- Eli's going to be a big brother!
There's our little peanut, heartbeat and all. We're so excited to announce that we're expecting our second baby. Things are going really well (unless you want to count the nausea and extreme loss of energy, but that's par for the course) and we'll be welcoming the newest little Lakey family member at the end of January.

Eli doesn't really get it yet, but I think he'll have a lot of fun. He loves seeing other little babies, and although he needs some help being soft with them, he really loves them. So I'm hoping he'll love his little sibling.

Oh, and anyone have any advice about how to go from one to two? I think we're going to have our hands full over here...


Happy Father's Day!

Found this great video that I just had to share in honor of all the Best Dads in the Universe out there that I know (including my husband). Enjoy! :)

How To Be The Best Dad In The Galaxy


Tonight we're excited to go see an Angels game with our ward. It will be Eli's first baseball game, so we'll see how that works out. He tends to have a very short attention span. So we'll be glad to make it through more than one inning! Wish us luck. :)

Also, last night Nathan and I watched this movie. I really liked it, even if it was a little bit crazy premise. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do to make a movie interesting, I guess.

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie this weekend, hopefully. I've heard it is as good as Iron Man, which if you've seen it, you will agree that it was a great movie. So I have high hopes. I just hope I am not disappointed. But then again, I really like Edward Norton, so I think watching him in a bad movie would be better than just watching a bad movie. Heehee...


Howdy there! This week is going to be nice and relaxing, hopefully. :) We got Nathan a new gas grill for Father's Day, so he's over the moon about that. No more mini Weber charcoal one! Yippee! We grilled brats on Saturday, then did hamburgers and corn on the cob last night. So fun. Now all he needs is a Grillmaster apron or something. I'll have too see what I can find. :)

Also, my mom is recovering from having a mass removed from her breast last week. Luckily everything went really well. Not my favorite thing to think about, that my mom could have had cancer. But I'm glad she didn't and that she's recovering well now. I love her terribly and am so grateful to have her as my mom. And she'd better be around for a long, long time!

On a happier note, we spent most of Saturday at Disneyland! It was the first time I had been there since I was about 10, so I had a lot of fun. It sure was busy, though! Holy moly, I don't think I've ever seen so many people packed into such small walkways! :) Ernst & Young sponsored a day there for employees and their families, and it was a ton of fun. They had great food and dessert too! :)

We're talking about getting yearly passes so that we can go whenever we want and actually get to ride some more rides. :) It's kind of funny that we've lived here for almost 2 years and this was our first trip there. But it would only be worth it if we got passes, since the one-day tickets are so expensive! Might as well get the whole year for a little more, right? And since we're so close by, it would be easy to get there, methinks. Something to think about for Christmas probably.

Anyways, I hope everyone's having a great start to the week. I'm off to tackle some emails and then to tackle a big load of laundry! Gotta love Mondays. :) Adios!

PS: Pictures of Disneyland to come....I still have to get them off of my memory card! :)


Went to see this movie last night, and I actually liked it. I know that there were lots of differing opinions and that most people weren't impressed. But I thought it was a fun romp, just a great time with lots of action and adventure. I mean, why does everyone have to be so critical? :) I think I was mostly just excited to get out and see a movie two days in a row (thanks Renee and Janae!!) so that was cool. :)


So Nathan and I went and saw this movie last night. I absolutely loved it! If you've never heard of it, trust me, you'll want to go find it and watch it. It's about these two boys who make a movie for a young filmmakers contest, called "Son of Rambow". It's supposed to be a sequel to a Rambo movie, I'm pretty sure. :) I didn't recognize the real Rambo clips they were showing, as I've never seen any of those movies. But you don't need to know too much about it to enjoy the movie. So go find this one in your town -- it's a winner! :)


Saturday was a great day -- we got to get Eli's hair cut, go out to Alta Loma for Janae's birthday party, and see our friends Matt & Shayne, and their two little ones. It was a lot of fun, swimming, hanging out, and just having a good time. Here are some pictures, since I know you're dying to see them, LOL. :)

Here is Eli's before the haircut picture (complete with cheesy grin):

And here's the after haircut picture (complete with spiky mohawk the lady gave him):

Here are Matt, Shayne, Remi and Corr.
We were so glad that they crashed the party. :) Their kids are just too cute.
Although, Remi wasn't so sure about being woken up from her nap.

Then there's Renee, who is just too fun to hang out with.
We are glad she's here for a while.

Eli chilling in the pool. He really took to the water well, and loved playing with Dadda.

And he loved splashing himself.

And dumping water from a cup onto Dadda's head.

He even loved it when Dadda retaliated.

Here's the uber-posh Remi, looking gorgeous and pouty.
She still wasn't sure about the whole swimming thing, especially being woken abruptly from what one can only imagine was a really great dream. :)

Corr, on the other hand, loved being in the water (you can't tell by this picture, but he really did!). He was splashing and smiling almost the whole time.

Eli had fun counting backwards from ten until he got to "three, two, one -- blastoff!" and then he was catapulted into the air. Too much fun!

And here he is being braver than I expected -- he went down the water slide (with a little push from me) all by himself! And the best part was that he wasn't scared one bit, he just wanted to keep going again and again! (One of my favorite things that he does nowadays is when he's done doing something physical like that, he always says, "That was fun!", no matter what it was.) I love this little kiddo.
(You may have to click on the picture to see the whole thing.)

And here's the birthday girl! We had a lot of fun hanging out with family and friends and celebrating Janae's 25th! Happy birthday, Janae!