Love my Texas!

Luckenbach, where everybody is somebody!

Cool license plates that they've got in Luckenbach all over the outhouse and the stage.

I've been going over some pictures of mine from a trip to San Antonio and wanted to share them! My family is moving next week and I'm sad. I will miss the home where I grew up. At least we've got pictures, right?


10 Things

Recently Ro (our CEO over at ScrapGirls) challenged each of us on the design team to create a list of 10 things we are grateful for. This challenge came at such a perfect time for a lot of us. There are a lot of team members going through some awful things right now, and Ro reminded us how important it is to consciously be grateful for the things that you have. I couldn't agree with her more.

And so I wanted to share my list with all of you!

1. I bought my first Moleskin journal yesterday and I love carrying it around with me. (Thanks for the inspiration, Mandy! smile.gif )

2. My little Eli loves to make me laugh and I love it when he does. Today he was giggling like crazy when he fed me goldfish crackers and I made loud chomping sounds. It was just too adorable.

3. Automatic windshield cleaner

4. My mom is only a phone call away

5. I just got asked to teach the Primary children (ages 5-11) music every week. Never done that before, and I'm excited for it!

6. I get to drive a stick shift XTerra that I picked out myself and I love to death

7. My husband will do the dishes for me when I ask, and sometimes even when I don't.

8. I get to go to Hawaii in a week! Woohoo! (Thank goodness for in-laws that take us on fun trips)

9. We have GREAT weather in southern California.

10. I work for the best digital scrapbooking website out there and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I've found a way to feel creative and proud of myself through my "art". That's pretty cool.

Thanks for listening! :)


Fill in the Blank!

This is a fun journaling prompt that I found from Sonesta's blog. She had posted something on the ScrapGirls message board, so I checked out her blog and found some neat prompts. Maybe I'll try to add some here. Maybe. I might be a little too lazy, ha!

1. Two names you go by:
2. Two parts of your heritage:
3. Two things you are wearing right now:

New bright blue striped shirt
4. Two things you would want in a relationship:
5. Two of your favorite hobbies:
Digital scrapbooking
6. Two things you want really badly at the moment:
More free time
Studio equipment
7. Two pets you have/had:

Pepper - doggy
Skipper - doggy
8. Two people you talked to today:
9. Two things you did last night:
Worked on enrichment class
Watched Arrested Development
10. Two people that live in your house:
My hubby
My darling Eli
11. Two things you ate today:

Diet Coke (caffeine-free!)
Chocolate chip cookie (man, I'm so healthy, lol!)
12. Two people you miss:
My mommy
My good friends Matt and Shayne
13. Two things you're doing tomorrow:
Playdate with Tracy
Doctor's appointment
14. Two vacations you've been on:

The California coast
15. Two favorite holidays:
Valentine's day
16. Two favorite alcoholic beverages:
17. Two bands you have seen live:
Savage Garden
Cirque de Soleil (does that count?)
18. Two things you will do after this survey:
Work on enrichment class
Clean the house

And here's a fun layout that I did, which was clearly a scraplift of Shalae Tippetts' Places Called Home. She did such a cool job of making that old map that I had to try it!

I also used Shalae's Renew Collection and SS Paper Templates: US Maps, Erica Hite's SS Paper Templates: Stained, and Jan Hicks' SS Paper Templates: Scruffy. Thanks for taking a look!


Reinvention of Me

Recently, I had a life-altering experience that has made me reinvent myself. I now look at myself with more confidence and less fear. I have been blessed with the ability to finally see things as they really are, not how I used to assume they were.

I'm sorry if this is vague, but this experience and realization is very dear and personal to me, and I wanted to share a little bit of it with you. But the rest I want to keep for myself.

With this reinvention, I hope will come more maturity, more understanding, more patience, and more hope. Hope that I can become the person that I have always wanted to be. Hope that I can overcome hardships and rely on myself more and trust my own feelings. And hope that I can someday look back and think to myself, "That was the turning point. That was the time that made a difference."

So here's to reinvention. Anyone want to join me?

This layout uses Keri Schueller's Journey Collection, Thao Cosgrove's SS Embellishment Templates: Luxe Photo Mat, Dinny's SS Embellishment Template: Torn Edges 2, and Brandy Hackman's Blossoms and Blooms Embellishment Biggie - Holiday.