Had to Share

Our Stake had a big Enrichment meeting/program this weekend for which I sang in the Stake choir. It was a beautiful program and we had a great speaker. She said something that really made sense to me on my own personal level.

She was talking about our feeling of shame and guilt and how when we sin, we feel even less worthy to speak with Heavenly Father through prayer. She said this is such a silly notion, because this really is the time to seek Him the most.

She said imagine if you heard someone saying, "You know, I've got an appointment to go see my doctor on Friday, but I've got this awful bronchitis. I have to get over it before my appointment! I don't want my doctor to see me while I have this illness, he'll think I'm weak! I sure hope that I can get well before I see him."

This is exactly how it is when we don't seek our Father in Heaven after we've done something wrong. We feel like we have to wait to talk to Him until we feel more worthy. But the point is that He is there for us in those times. He is there to help us get better and become clean. He is there to wash away our sins and He wants to hear from us!

She also said something that touched me. She said, He is not thinking, "Oh, here we go again, Laurel. What is it this time?" He's thinking more along the lines of, "I'm so glad you came to talk to me about this."
He doesn't expect perfection from us. Would you of your children? Of course not.

He is loving and kind and is reaching out to us, just waiting for us to come to Him. The door is open, we just have to go through it.


Beautiful Beanie

I love this new layout that I just finished today. For some reason, this color combo just came together and I knew it would be so cool! :) Of course, Angela's pictures make it beautiful. Thanks, all, have a wonderful Monday!

I used ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Well Worn by Brandie Valenzuela, ScrapSimple Digital Layout Templates: Stacked by Angie Briggs, ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Edgy, THIN by Diane Miller (dinny), and Drawn to You Brush Set - Words by Keri Schueller.


Lucky Me!

I've really got a great husband.

Nathan surprised me the other day with flowers when he came home from work. He had called before he left to see if there was anything I needed him to pick up at the store, and he could tell in my voice that I had not had the best day. So, while picking up some things for dinner, he bought me some flowers to cheer me up.

It's just the little things like that that are enough to make my whole week. Just a little gesture to let me know he cares and understands that my job(s) are hard and he appreciates what I do.

Man, I sure got lucky with my pick of hubbies.
So thanks, darlin', for your sweet gesture and your continuing support for me. Love you mucho mucho.

For this layout, I used Amanda Sok's A Princess Collection, Melissa Renfro's
Sparkle Curls Embellishment Biggie , Melissa Renfro's ScrapSimple Embellishment Templates: Lifted Photos Biggie, and Jan Hicks' ScrapSimple Tools - Styles: Curled Edges Shadows 3201.


Home again, home again, jiggity-jig!

Well, I just got back yesterday from a great visit with my family in San Antonio. I went down to help watch the kids while my parents were in Mexico visiting my aunt and uncle on their mission. Whew, that's a lot of explanation!

Nathan wasn't able to come with us, but it was still a fun trip. I got to see the house all done up (my parents are moving and so my mom has been running herself ragged trying to get the house fixed up to put on the market) and I must say, she has done an incredible job! I am always amazed at what that woman can do when she's determined. But that's a whole
'nother post.

So while I was there, I took some pictures of my brother, since he's
graduating from high school at the end of this month. I seriously cannot believe that, since he'll probably forever be 14 in my mind's eye. I suppose that's inevitable. :)

I have to admit, I was pretty
pleased with the pictures, and I hope he likes them as much as I do. Here is a sampling for you all to look through. Enjoy!