Trunk or Treat!

[Okay, first of all, this Windows Live Writer is great for posting to my blog, but it makes the photos turn out horribly! Lately I’ve been uploading them to Flickr first, then posting a link from there in the blog so that the original color would turn out. But I was just too tired to do that tonight, so I apologize in advance for the awfully washed out photos. I promise, they’re better on my computer!]

Our church had a great activity last night and the kids had a blast!

E went as a vampire:


And W went as a fire-breathing dragon:LBL_8580LBL_8589LBL_8591LBL_8597LBL_8603LBL_8604LBL_8611LBL_8646LBL_8656LBL_8671

This little one fell asleep on the way to the church! I suppose that’s what happens when you miss your afternoon nap because you’re too busy getting your face painted green.


Two little monsters waiting for their hot dogs and chili.


My little dragon had lots of fun digging in the dirt in the baseball diamond.


This little guy was the cutest Goofy I’ve ever seen! He and his parents always dress up and they really have fun with it. One of these years we’ll do a family costume.


Here’s his mom, straight out of “The Birds”!


Here’s his dad, Indiana Jones!


And I did get a little family picture of them.



W doing his scariest “ROAR!”


Some of the cute young women in our ward.


In line to play some of the games they had going on. E was getting done with the whole picture-taking thing. W doesn’t care, he’ll still smile and say, “Cheeeeeeese!” for me when I ask him. I figure I’ve got a few more months until that enthusiasm wears off. :)


Trying out the skills game that the missionaries were manning. He won a prize, even though he missed the shot.


My friend Kathryn, who made a really cute Princess Leia! (And again, the color on this is terrible but the actual shot is not!)


Our awesome family picture #1:


Our more awesome family picture #2:


The boys coming out of the haunted house that we realized a little too late was too scary for W. He was freaked the rest of the night. E, of course, came out and said (loudly), “That wasn’t even scary! I’m not scared of anything!” Ah, E. That’s totally you.


Here are some more of our friends. Captain Jack:


And a Sith! The best part about his costume was that he’s normally a blondie so he was really hard to recognize!


And E with one of his Primary teachers. I was bummed that it didn’t focus well, but it was pitch black outside so it was tough to find any light to even be able to focus with. Ah well.


At the end of the night, when the candy bags were full and the face paint was pretty much rubbed off, we decided to head home. All in all, it was a great night and I’m glad we got to go!


Happy Halloween!!


Kindergarten Field Trip

Some of the major things that I have been looking forward to about E being in kindergarten are field trips! I was really lucky to get to go on this one last Friday, as we had more parent volunteers than spaces available. So there was a random drawing and I got picked! I was really excited.

E was super excited for the field trip, but not because we were going to a farm to see animals and pick out pumpkins. Oh no, he was the most excited about riding the bus! He had never been on one before and this was his big debut. Of course, he loved it. He informed me that he sat by Isabelle on the way there and Robby on the way back. He said they played the animal game (where one kid thinks of an animal and then the others try to guess what it is by asking yes/no questions). I think he had lots of fun.

And, of course, here are the multitude of photos that I took while we were there!

The whole class upon arrival.

E and his friend Jovanny were the two kids in our little group.

We went to a farm where they make their own honey. The first stop? Checking out the bees that were busy working!

They gave our teacher her own candle and all the kids wanted to smell it. :)

Then they got to taste the honey!

Even our teacher got a yummy taste!

Next it was off to see the animals! But not before the kids got to traverse a little hay-maze. They loved it!

Then it was on to the animals! They got to feed a pair of llamas and the kids were loving it.

After the animals, they saw an old wooden train that they got to play on, and then they went through a tree maze. That was pretty cool – I wish I had one in my backyard!

Then it was off to pick a pumpkin!

A cute group photo of the class!

After that, was a hayride and then we got to hang out and rest, checking out our and everyone else’s pumpkins.

It was a really fun day and I’m so glad I got to go! :)