Hello, everyone. I thought I'd copy Emily and start up a blog as well. I'd like to have a space to showcase some of the things that have been going on in my life lately (namely photography and design stuff), and I thought this is a great place to do it! I like using MySpace to keep in touch with people, but the limited number of photos you can post is a little suffocating, so here I am.

I'll start off by giving a quick rundown of my life at this point. Nathan, Eli and I are living in Mission Viejo, California, where Nathan is working for Ernst & Young and I am continuing to work for Busath photographers in Provo. Eli will be 9 months old on Halloween (where does the time go??) and we're having a great time here with the gorgeous weather and all. Nathan's a ward missionary and I'm on the Enrichment committee. Lately I've really gotten into digital scrapbooking, with more emphasis on the design aspect, using photography as the main point and highlighting it with papers and embellishments. I've learned more about Photoshop in the last 2 months than I have the rest of the other 2 years that I had been trying to learn it! It's all thanks to a website called ScrapGirls. (www.scrapgirls.com) I'm even enrolled in a brushwork class that I just adore! It's been a lot of fun.

I'm excited about showing some of my latest creations here so that more people can get the chance to see them and get caught up with our lives. Hope you all enjoy!

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