March Madness!

Hi all! Just thought I'd share a fun picture of Eli at the beach. The weather here has been amazing the last couple of days, so a few of the women in my ward, their kids, and Eli and I went out to Laguna Beach on Monday. We had a lot of fun! Of course, I was so preoccupied with getting sunscreen on Eli that I forgot to put any on myself! So I'm a tomato, but he's fine! lol. He absolutely loved the beach. If I hadn't have held on to him tightly, he literally would have run straight out into the ocean! Talk about scary! :) He loved the waves and getting his legs wet. (The water was too cold to fully swim in.)

This week has been interesting. I've had a lot going on, which is not normal for me! :) Nathan and I went to get our CA driver's licenses on Monday, but since we didn't bring our marriage license with my changed name, they wouldn't let me do it. (My Utah dl and my SS card both had my new name, but since my passport didn't, they wouldn't let me take the test.) So I have to try and go sometime next week or something when I can find a sitter for Eli.

I'm also meeting with a woman from my ward who wants me to help her get to know her digital camera because she's going to Italy next week. Needless to say, she wants to be able to take a lot of great pictures! I don't blame her. :) Now I just hope that I'll be of some help.

Nathan is going out of town this weekend for a recruiting event in Provo. He'll just be gone for the weekend, so it's not long. I'm glad for that! We've been lucky that he hasn't had to do a ton of traveling since working for EY.

I'm having some computer issues that I have to deal with. Both of my Photoshop programs (CS2 and the CS3 Beta) have shut down on me. Nathan thinks it's serious, so we went out and got an external hard drive last night that I'm copying all of my files onto before we try to re-install all my programs. I'm just hoping that all of my pictures and ScrapGirls products and layouts will copy over safely and be protected while we re-install. Thank goodness I have the chance to copy everything! It could have been a lot worse, for sure. Wish me luck! :)

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