Gosh, has it really been that long since I posted here? It feels like a couple of days, not over a week! I suppose time flies when you're....well, what are we doing? Sometimes it's having fun, but a lot of the time it's just surviving. Nathan's out of town again this week so things are a little sketchy, but I'm trying to be positive and not complain. Because that just makes it worse. ::insert half-hearted smile here:: So in that light, here are some fun things we have done since my last post:

We went to the San Diego Zoo. Nathan and I decided to get passes for ourselves because they were relatively inexpensive (compared to Disneyland or something) and we get admission to both the zoo and the Wild Animal Park. And that's worth it for me. Eli loves animals, but on this trip he was more interested in seeing the 'next animal' rather than looking at the animal we were positioned in front of. Ah well, he liked the snakes at least. Nathan was proud because those are his favorites too.

This jaunt was the first time I got to use our new double stroller and I can't tell you how much I loved it! I knew I didn't want to be going to the zoo with an umbrella stroller for one kid and a separate one for the baby, no way. So we got this at Target and it's very maneuverable and surprisingly easy to break down and put up. West slept in it the entire time, so I was grateful for that. And Eli loves being able to sit, stand, or get out and walk with us very easily. So yeah, you could say I like my new stroller. Geez, I'm such an old mom lady who talks about strollers. When did that happen?? :)

We also made some finger puppets.

(That's a farmer in case you were wondering. I never said I was good at drawing, but I'll do it if my kid asks me to.)

We also had some good 'brother' time. Eli is a great big brother, helping me to get diapers when I need them and doing what he can to kiss, hug, and love on West. The best is when Eli falls asleep in the car, and I'll be carrying him into the house, he'll say, "Don't forget baby West!" in his drousy sleep-induced state. So cute. :)

Also, I don't have a picture of it, but today, for the very first time, West smiled at me! He did it a bunch and I'm so excited to see that. That is the one thing I just can't get enough of -- baby smiles. Ah, those are the good moments of being a mom.

That's about it. I've done some other projects and things that I may post about later, when I get some photos taken. I made a couple of super hero masks for Eli and his friends, from an idea off the Crafty Crow website. I love that site, there are so many great and fun ideas all packed into one place to try out. Once I get Eli to actually stop and pose for a picture, I'll put one up. I'm pretty proud of myself for using my sewing machine to make these!

Alrighty, hope you're having a great week and are as excited as I am that tomorrow is FRIDAY!!


Barlow Family said...

Your boys are darling. Glad you've had a fun week. I had to laugh when I saw the Sit 'n Stand. It's the one baby item I tell EVERYONE to buy. I'd skip the infant travel systems and just get this one if you know you're going to have more kids. I LOVE mine. Funny thing is I saw a lady with one at DisneyLand when we were there and it was a nicer model, she was telling me how she hated it, it didn't turn well and there wasn't enough storage, she was going to go return hers and get mine. Good purchase!

Launa said...

I love your photos of the Zoo! That's one zoo I've always wanted to go to! And I'm with you on the baby smiles, just can't get enough!

Hang in there this week, I'll be praying for you! :D


JAG said...

Fun stuff! Don't you ever forget a baby in the car. Not like Mom did...

Erin said...

Ah! Sooo cute! We love the San Diego Zoo, especially the hippos. I got the family photo CD yesterday and they turned out sooo good. I don't think we can all possibly look that good! You must have photoshopped a lot! Thanks for doing them!

Laurel said...

Oh don't worry Erin, I didn't do anything but basic retouching. You guys all looked great! :) I'm glad you got them, I was hoping they'd get to you soon. And I'm so happy you like them!