Travelin' Man

I can think of about 3 reasons why it's great when the hubby goes out of town.
  1. I don't have to cook dinner because I can eat a bowl of cereal and E is fine with PB&J
  2. I can watch whatever sappy, girly, old-fashioned movie I want (in last night's case, Sense & Sensibility) without any protests
  3. I can work on some crafty projects without feeling like I'm ignoring him

But then again I can think of at least 800 reasons why it is not very fun when the hubby goes out of town.

We miss you, babe. All of us. E keeps asking where you are and when you'll be coming home. I know, I know, it wasn't a very long trip, but still. :)

Can't wait to welcome you home tonight!


Shalae said...

I can relate with every reason and the 800 of why you wish they were there. I'm glad he wasn't gone long!

JoDell said...

I would have to agree that not making dinner is definiley a plus. :) Although, I know those other 800 reasons negate the others! It's hard to be without a husband--wether it be for one night or one week (or, heaven help us, longer)! Although, a break from making dinner and a good, sappy movie (with a little Ben & Jerry's) always help make me feel better, too. :)