Hey Strangers!

Dude! Sorry it’s been way too long since I last posted. I wish I could say that we’ve been terribly busy, but we’ve only been mildly busy. I’ve just been lazy and haven’t taken photos of too many things. :)

But here’s what we have been doing:

playing outside

Ali and Jed came down for a fun visit and we played outside with bubbles!

playing outside2

And then we got to go to the Long Beach Aquarium!



We’ve been stacking crazy cup towers,

 cup stack

taking walks around the block in our red wagon,

neighborhood walk

and playing Guitar Hero with Dad in our underwear (Not me, just the boy, haha!).

 guitar hero underwear

And yes, there is a theme here, E really likes to hang out in his underwear. We’re trying to work on that one, but he’s four. Whaddya gonna do? :)

I’ve also been busy recovering our dining room chairs from this:


to this!


I really love the fabric and was surprised at how great they turned out. I love reading crafty blogs and getting great ideas, but it’s a rarity when I actually do something myself, haha. So I’m proud of myself getting these done! Go me! :)

We’ve also been swimming at the pool (pictures are all on my new phone, so I’ll upload them when I learn how!), meeting our new preschool teacher (E’s going to be starting in the fall and I’m way excited for him), and planning an upcoming trip to Texas! I can’t wait, we’re going to get to hang out with my family and have tons of fun. We’ll miss Tom, but we’ll see him soon enough. :)

So yeah, that’s what we’ve been up to lately.


Shelley said...

Fun to see what you've been up to! LOVE your chairs btw!! So fresh and cute!!

Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

those chairs look amazing! I am still amazed at the nursing bib you made for me! Looks like all the fun is at your house! You need to keep that picture of Eli for posterity! :)

Rebecca Busath said...

AWESOME CHAIRS!!!! YOU GO GIRL, I'm LOVING that you have such CRAFTY genes, ahem, from me!!! :D
And the pics are darling, as usual, we're so pumped to see everyone in TEXAS NEXT WEEK!!!!!s

Erin said...

Love the Long Beach Acquarium and those chairs look fabulous! Your boys are adorable, too!

Emily said...

Eli in his undies is just the cutest. He's just darling!!! I love his scrunchy nose smile! It was so fun to see you at Tracy's shower last weekend. I miss you!!!