Bluegrass, here we come!

I’m so excited! I just bought tickets for the hubby and I to go see the Watkins Family Hour next Thursday! I didn’t even know there was a close-by show coming up, but I found out today that there is and I got us tickets! And the best part? The Punch Brothers are performing the very next night (which was sold out completely, boo), so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for Chris to join the Watkins kids and get a little Nickel Creek reunion going on. :)

It’s all part of Ed Helms’ 2nd Annual LA Bluegrass Nation concert series. You know, Ed Helms from The Office? Well, apparently he really loves Bluegrass as much as the next guy (or maybe a little more if your next guy lives in New York or something) and he saw that LA was seriously lacking in its Bluegrass representation. So he created this ‘situation’ or music great music lineup, if you will, and has lots of fun bands come and play. I can’t wait to go see it. The hubby is probably going to say he’ll ‘tolerate’ it, and go just because he knows it means a lot to me, but deep down I know he’ll have a fun time too.

Here’s the link in case you’re curious: http://labluegrasssituation.com/

They’ve even got Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers playing one night. Yes, that Steve Martin. Didn’t you know he is a famous banjo player? You didn’t? Well, try to contain your excitement. You’re starting to embarrass yourself.  ;)

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