It’s on like Donkey Kong!

If anyone is interested, I’m joining up with my friend Ang to do a little weight-loss competition starting in January. You are welcome to join in, too! There will be prizes for various winners, including the most percentage of weight loss as well as the top point earner, so there are lots of ways to win cash! Also, if you’d rather just participate and not put in money, you can do that too.

I always find that it’s much easier for me to focus on weight loss and healthy habits when I’m in some sort of contest. I suppose I’m just too competitive for my own good! Luckily, this contest is not only about losing weight, but also about establishing and maintaining healthy habits, so that will be great too.

If you want to read more about it and get the official contest rules, head on over to Ang’s blog, Dropping the Plus from My Size. And make sure you tell her I sent ya!

Perhaps I’ll share a little about my goals in the coming days. We’ll see if I’m brave enough. :)


Ang Campbell said...

So happy you're joining the fun! I'm extremely competitive, too, so stuff like this moves me even when my lazy bones self doesn't want to hehehe.

Allison said...

Just wanted to say, good luck and have fun!

I'm afraid I wasted all of my competition type weight loss in 2011, otherwise I would join in! I wish I had joined something like this then, I might have won some $$!