Date Night

I was so excited to get to go on a date with my hubby last night. My in-laws took the kids overnight, so we got to meet up at Disneyland and go on a couple of the ‘big kid’ rides since my little goobers won’t/can’t go on some of them. It was really fun.

First, we ate dinner since we were both starving.




GASP! He actually smiled! It’s a Festivus miracle! :)

Then we went and learned how to draw Piglet at the Animation Academy. That’s one of my favorite things to do in the Hollywood section of California Adventure. So far I’ve gotten to learn to draw Piglet, Jack Skellington, and Mickey Mouse. The kids and I have a lot of fun with it when we go by ourselves, and the hubby did great with his last night. I’ll have to get pictures of our works of art and post them later.

After that, we went to the Tower of Terror. I have to admit, it’s not my favorite ride because I hate the feeling of falling like that, but it’s definitely thrilling!! And I love the effort and care that Disney always puts into the realism of their sets, props, and waiting areas. The Indiana Jones ride is particularly fun.

I got some fun photos of the surroundings. And as you can tell, hubs and I were both terrified. :)






Then we went on Star Tours, which I hadn’t been on since I was 8! Apparently it’s been all revamped and stuff, and we had a lot of fun with it. I’m hoping to convince E to go on it sometime, but we’ll see. I know he’d like it, but it is pretty realistic, so he may be scared at first. Hopefully one of these days. :)

I was really glad to get to just spend some time with the hubby, having fun and not having any responsibilities. We don’t get that kind of time together nearly enough, so I really do cherish it when we do. (Kind of corny, but true nonetheless.)

Here’s hoping that there are plenty more date nights like this in my future!

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Caroline said...

Looks like you guys had fun :)