Dallas! Part 2

Ali and I went to the stockyards in Fort Worth, where we got to see them ‘running’ the longhorns from one pen to another. They do that twice a day, to get them moving and to give them some new scenery. At least, I think that’s why they do that. I could be totally wrong. :)









We got there and it was cold and rainy. But that made it the perfect day to window shop without any crowds! And funnily enough, we got asked to be on a TV show that was supposedly on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and was coming out this spring. It’s an interview kind of show and the premise was basically “How Weird Are You?” or something like that, because they asked us all sorts of random and ridiculous questions. Like, “Have you ever passed gas and blamed it on the dog?” or “Have you ever gotten caught picking your nose at a stoplight?” Really dumb stuff like that. They didn’t tell us much about the show before they got the microphones on us and started asking us questions, I think because they didn’t want us to know what they were going to talk about! It was silly. So if you see me or my sister on some show called “How Normal Are You?” or something, Tivo it and let me know. ;)


I was the number one interview of the day!


That makes Ali Number Two!


There she is getting her interview done. I think she had a little more notice about the questions since she watched me first. I’m sure I was looking uncomfortable! And to be honest, if I had known what they were going to ask, I probably would have politely declined. :)

The next day I headed home with this as my view:


Not too shabby, if you ask me. I was glad to have a vacation away from my normal responsibilities, and was glad to get to just hang out for a while. I needed that after the excitement of the holidays and the inevitable ‘let-down’ afterwards.

All in all, it was a wonderful trip, but I was happy to come home to this guy.


And my two other little guys. :)

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