To be like the pioneers

Back in January, the hubs and I were asked if we would like to volunteer to be Trek parents for our Stake’s Youth Conference this year. We were told it would entail being in charge of a group of 10 teenagers, ages 14-18, while embarking on a pioneer trek re-enactment of sorts up in the hills around Riley’s Farms. We were shocked that we had been asked, but were really excited at the prospect of doing it, so we said yes.

Of course, that was in January, when April seemed really far away and we had plenty of time to prepare ourselves to be walking 10+ miles a day while wearing pioneer clothing and pulling an authentic, loaded handcart.

Now it’s only a few short weeks away and I’m getting nervous! Of course, we’ve been walking here and there, trying to condition ourselves, but we haven’t done what we wish we had. I’m sure we’ll be fine, it’s just the tense waiting part that is upon us now, which brings all the questions of “Do we have everything we’ll need?” “Are the kids going to be okay while we’re gone?” “Am I really prepared for this??”.

Luckily this past weekend we had a meeting with those in charge and we got to do some dutch oven cooking and see what it is going to be like actually preparing our meals and everything out on the trail for 4 days. Since the meeting, I’ve been feeling a lot better prepared about the whole thing, because I know what I’m going to want to have with me. That was the biggest fear for me, not having been on a trek before, and just not knowing what things I’ll really want to have (that may not necessarily be on the official packing list) with me. And it was also a good chance to get dressed in our gear (meaning a dress and apron for me) and see how that feels wearing it around all day.

Besides feeling a little more prepared, it was actually fun to be there and get to hang out with our big sister (there is a big sister and big brother in each ‘family’, who are older kids that are in charge of a lot of the planning). The kids were dropped off by the in-laws about half-way through it, so they got to try out some of the games and stuff. They had a great time and E kept saying he wanted to be a pioneer too. It was cute. :)

Here are some pictures of the day:


In the car, just arriving. I have a more official apron that I’ll wear – I don’t think they’d appreciate me showing up in a Williams-Sonoma one for the real trek, ha!


Playing some pioneer games. This is one where you put your hands in the middle and everyone grabs a hand, then you try and untangle everyone into a straight line. It was tough!


Stick-pulling. This was fun to watch the boys play.


E liked it so much that (of course!) he had to try it himself!


Cute W in a sweet pioneer hat.


E looking sharp in the hat too!

Let’s hope that the hubs and I both make it through okay. Actually, I’m sure we’ll be fine and it will be a wonderful experience for us.

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Renee said...

You'll be the best dressed pioneer if you wear your williams-sonoma apron especially if you bling it up a little. :)