Family Reunion!

Ohmygoodness, this vacation had been in the works for SO LONG that it felt like it would never, ever get here. But finally, finally, my entire family descended upon southern California and we got to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday milestone! (Of course, if you talk to her, just pretend it was her 30th, okay? Thanks.) :)
The days they were here were filled with all sorts of laughter, fun, games, good talks, and just all-around family goodness. And as full as the days were, they still FLEW by with lightning speed so that what felt like 10 minutes after they showed up, I was looking around an empty house and missing them all.
What did we do? Well, here’s a little look-see:
We tried on sticky moustaches and accessories
Tom got a master photography class with Emily
We took portraits at In-N-Out
We went on a field trip to the Griffith Observatory in LA
…where we took more portraits. ;)
We got to see a lot of cool things at the Observatory, like this giant swinging pendulum.
We went to the beach (and even though it was cold and windy, we still managed to have a great time)!
We celebrated my Mom’s birthday at BJ’s (and yes, had yummy pizookies)!
Ang and the kids made a puppet show

And we all showed off our cool Nana shirts that commemorated the great event!
Of course, as is always the case, we were sad to have to say our goodbye’s once it was over. But I came away from it with such a good feeling and a fun experience. I’m so grateful for my family! And especially for the rare times when we all get to be together.

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