Ridin’ nerdy

Santa spoiled the boys this year for Christmas and they both got bikes! (Bike helmets and all!)

We put the order in with the big guy because it had long been on our minds that Eli needed to learn and it was a great time for West to start as well. Can you believe the kids have never had bikes before?! Slacker parents. Plus, E was just never that coordinated so it seemed more prudent to put him on a scooter than on a bike. But now that he’s got the itch to master his bike, he is working really hard at it!





(I didn’t have any pictures of West on his because he didn’t want to come out with us on the day I brought my camera. I’ll get him soon, though.)

The boys and I have been on almost-daily bike rides since Christmas. While you’d think it would be great exercise, it’s mostly slow going with the boys. I’m totally fine with that, however, since I will usually go out on a solo trip once they’ve pooped out. And since I discovered my bike actually has 21 speeds instead of only 3 (yeah, don’t ask, I’m not a very observant individual…), it has been much easier to tackle the hills in our neighborhood. Winking smile

Next on the list is getting Nathan a bike of his own! And then we can venture out on family bike rides. I would love that.

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Renee said...

E looks so cute on his bike! I'm loving that you guys go out on rides. And I'm sure E will master riding a bike quickly. :)