50 Things I am Grateful For

1. I am alive!
2. I am healthy and capable of moving my body
3. I have a loving husband
4. I have two wonderful children who love me
5. My mother and father are alive and well
6. I have siblings who I LOVE talking to and hanging out with
7. I have a job that I love
8. We have sufficient for our needs
9. My husband got a wonderful new job this year
10. He gets to be home more often because of said new job
11. My son brings so much joy to me with his Lego building
12. My son is a little cuddler and loves to give me hugs and kisses
13. We get to go to Zoo Camp this week!
14. I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life
15. I have felt the power of the Holy Ghost in my life many times
16. I am able to read and write
17. I feel confident and capable with digital scrapbooking
18. I have the opportunity to serve the children in my ward (church)
19. I love coming home
20. I have a laptop that lets me be mobile when I need to be
21. I have been choosing healthy foods to fuel my body
22. Grey’s Anatomy reruns
23. Bubble baths 
24. Pedicures
25. Massages
26. The occasional Diet Coke
27. A new pack of markers
28. The school supply aisle at the store
29. Spell check
30. Powerful computer programs
31. Photoshop Illustrator trial periods
32. YouTube tutorial videos
33. Cool breezes in the fall
34. Blogs that I love
35. Good books to read
36. Online Settlers of Catan games
37. The scriptures
38. Really good, long hugs from my hubby
39. Baby giggles
40. Handmade quilts
41. Chocolate
42. Good friends
43. Quiet days at home
44. ANNIVERSARY CRUISE is coming up!
45. Dressing up for Halloween
46. Dr. Who
47. Firefly/Nathan Fillion/Serenity
48. Really good back scratches
49. A clean kitchen
50. A maid making sure I have a clean kitchen

Thank you, that is all for this nice Sunday night.


AES said...

What a happy list. It makes me grateful for all the good things in my life when I read how grateful you are for yours! I think I'll celebrate gratitude I with some chocolate...

Rebecca Busath said...

�� especially love 9, 10, 11, and 12!