10 Things

Recently Ro (our CEO over at ScrapGirls) challenged each of us on the design team to create a list of 10 things we are grateful for. This challenge came at such a perfect time for a lot of us. There are a lot of team members going through some awful things right now, and Ro reminded us how important it is to consciously be grateful for the things that you have. I couldn't agree with her more.

And so I wanted to share my list with all of you!

1. I bought my first Moleskin journal yesterday and I love carrying it around with me. (Thanks for the inspiration, Mandy! smile.gif )

2. My little Eli loves to make me laugh and I love it when he does. Today he was giggling like crazy when he fed me goldfish crackers and I made loud chomping sounds. It was just too adorable.

3. Automatic windshield cleaner

4. My mom is only a phone call away

5. I just got asked to teach the Primary children (ages 5-11) music every week. Never done that before, and I'm excited for it!

6. I get to drive a stick shift XTerra that I picked out myself and I love to death

7. My husband will do the dishes for me when I ask, and sometimes even when I don't.

8. I get to go to Hawaii in a week! Woohoo! (Thank goodness for in-laws that take us on fun trips)

9. We have GREAT weather in southern California.

10. I work for the best digital scrapbooking website out there and I absolutely LOVE what I do. I've found a way to feel creative and proud of myself through my "art". That's pretty cool.

Thanks for listening! :)

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Mandy said...

YEAH for moleskines!