Fill in the Blank!

This is a fun journaling prompt that I found from Sonesta's blog. She had posted something on the ScrapGirls message board, so I checked out her blog and found some neat prompts. Maybe I'll try to add some here. Maybe. I might be a little too lazy, ha!

1. Two names you go by:
2. Two parts of your heritage:
3. Two things you are wearing right now:

New bright blue striped shirt
4. Two things you would want in a relationship:
5. Two of your favorite hobbies:
Digital scrapbooking
6. Two things you want really badly at the moment:
More free time
Studio equipment
7. Two pets you have/had:

Pepper - doggy
Skipper - doggy
8. Two people you talked to today:
9. Two things you did last night:
Worked on enrichment class
Watched Arrested Development
10. Two people that live in your house:
My hubby
My darling Eli
11. Two things you ate today:

Diet Coke (caffeine-free!)
Chocolate chip cookie (man, I'm so healthy, lol!)
12. Two people you miss:
My mommy
My good friends Matt and Shayne
13. Two things you're doing tomorrow:
Playdate with Tracy
Doctor's appointment
14. Two vacations you've been on:

The California coast
15. Two favorite holidays:
Valentine's day
16. Two favorite alcoholic beverages:
17. Two bands you have seen live:
Savage Garden
Cirque de Soleil (does that count?)
18. Two things you will do after this survey:
Work on enrichment class
Clean the house

And here's a fun layout that I did, which was clearly a scraplift of Shalae Tippetts' Places Called Home. She did such a cool job of making that old map that I had to try it!

I also used Shalae's Renew Collection and SS Paper Templates: US Maps, Erica Hite's SS Paper Templates: Stained, and Jan Hicks' SS Paper Templates: Scruffy. Thanks for taking a look!

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Shalae said...

Awesome job! I love the choice of fonts for your font here.. it just screams texas to me!