Back from Vegas/St. George

Hello all. Just got back last night and had no energy to do anything. Luckily Nathan drove the whole way, he's such a stud. I couldn't have done it. I'm glad that he does all those 'manly' things for me, like take out the trash and work the grill. :) What a good guy.

We did not have the best time this weekend. I felt so bad for Eli. He had a major fever the night that we stayed at Matt and Shayne's house, I know he was miserable. So the next day we loaded him up with Motrin and he drifted between being cranky and sleeping all day long. I felt like such bad houseguests. Ah well, I know Matt and Shayne didn't care, as long as he wasn't contagious and didn't pass anything on to Rem.

So anyway, after he had that fever all day Friday, we drove up to St. George for Nathan's uncle's birthday party. Nathan got to golf with his dad, uncle, cousins, etc. He had a fun time. Then the party was that night and we ate good food and mingled a bunch. Eli was still miserable. So the next day we took him to an Urgent Care in St. George where we found out he has his first ever ear infection. The doctor was surprised that he had never had one and said we had been lucky for 18 months. :)

So we loaded him up with his prescriptions, more Motrin, and headed back home, stopping in Vegas again to spend some more time with Matt and Shayne. It's so fun to watch Remi, she's so cute. She says a ton of words and loves being the center of attention. Too, too fun.

I'll include some pictures of the trip, although I'm so dumb and didn't even get any of Remi, Matt, or Shayne. Next time I'll remember, for the sake of the blog! :)

Eli showing off his toes and how they got wet in the remainder of rainwater outside. This was on our front porch area of the most beautiful little hotel I've ever stayed in. We had our own condo, basically, that was just gorgeous. You'll see what I mean in a bit...

This is Eli showing me that his ears were hurting. He looks like he's smiling, though, so they must not be hurting too much. Love love love this picture.

Eli again, what a surprise. Here he is giving me a tour of our front porch area at the condo. He loved being outside, even though it was blazing hot!! I don't think I'd want to live in St. George after visiting it in the middle of summer. Maybe if I came back during fall I'd love it. :)

Look how tiny he is compared to that massive door! And he's a tall kid, too. It was an awesomely cool door, I must admit.

And finally, just a shot of the inside. I just had to say a big Thank You to Ron and Lori for letting us stay here while we were in St. George. We had a fun time, even though the road trip was a little long and painful for Eej. We'd definitely come stay more if it meant we got to sleep there again, though! :)


Shalae said...

What an awesome view out those windows... Someday, I will have huge windows with an incredible view instead of the brick apartment building next door! :)

Laurel said...

You and me both, Shalae! :D

Emily Murdock said...

Maybe the ear infection thing is a Busath cousins miracle...Nate is four years old and has never had one. And to think, his mom is the one that had tubes put in because of too many ear infections :) crazy!