I'm Ready for Fall, People!

I made this layout the other day when our temperature actually got below 90 degrees and I was feeling it! I just love these rustic colors that signify warmth and family and comfort and happy times. Living in Southern California doesn't give you the kind of front-row seat to witness the changing seasons like living in Utah does. I miss that.

I miss the crisp air and the smell of wood fires burning in peoples' homes. I miss going to the canyon with marshmallows to roast and hot dogs to cook and good friends to be silly with. I miss having to decide whether or not it's cold enough to get by with just a thin sweater or if I need to put on the full sweatshirt for the evening.

Don't get me wrong, I like California. I really do. I just miss Utah sometimes.

Okay, enough feeling sorry for no seasons. :) My friend told me last night, "Just go down to the beach and you'll forget all about it."

I may have to take her up on that advice. :)

Layout made with Amanda Sok's Alluring Autumn collection. It's so gorgeous, you have to buy it just to be able to see the amazing detail that goes into it. I swear, I work with the best, most talented people around.

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Mama Llama said...

Good thing you got to GO to Utah, was it crisp and fall? I hope so, and I hope you had fun with your little bro...I'm sure he loved seeing you!