Too Funny!

Yesterday I came in the house after taking out some recycling, and this is what I found:

I was so lucky to grab my camera and snap a few shots before he got tired of playing. He sure does make my life exciting! :)

Oh, and PS: Nathan comes home today!! He's been in Amsterdam for 2 weeks and I'm more than thrilled to have him home. It really is too long to be away. :) Okay, I'm cheesy, but it's true!


Emily Murdock said...

Oh,I LOVE little boys and their cheap toys...why do we ever spend money on toys when a box will do????

Laurel said...

Yeah, seriously. I should just keep all my boxes and let him play in those. He won't even look at all the toys in his room. Go figure. :)

Cori Rae said...

Eli is getting so big! He is adorable! For Landon's birthday last week I bought him a bunch of stuff at DI for $5. I figure, why waste the money if he will be sick of them after a month. This way I can return them and get a new variety.:) Why do they never get tired of the random objects like boxes?