Sketch Challenge

Wanted to share this layout I did for a sketch challenge I was in charge of hosting last weekend. It was fun to host and also create the sketch.

But the best part was this funny layout. I was trying to think of some way to use these cute pics I had of Eli in a box, but couldn't come up with anything. Then I did this sketch and knew it was perfect for the photos.

I love it when a plan comes together! (That one's for you, honey.) :)

Make sure you click on the layout to see it full-sized!

Journaling: "There I was one day, just going along with work and things, when you became quiet. It was one of those “Uh-oh” moments when I hadn’t heard you for a while. So I went to go check on you and this is what I found. You had climbed inside our new salad spinner box and you were trying to shut the flaps on yourself. Before I could do anything else, I ran and got my camera and snapped some shots. Because I knew the minute you realized that this behavior was camera-worthy, then you’d be out of that box in a flash. And sure enough, as soon as the camera started going, you decided you had had your fun and you were getting out. What a little nut you are. I love you so dearly, my little bubbie."

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