1-13-08: Today Eli was playing so well with his floor puzzle he got for Christmas. He's been doing really well with his speech lately. He knows his letters and is starting to sound them out. Plus we're working on colors and shapes as well. He's making such great progress, and it's amazing to watch!

1-14-08: Today we got to go have lunch with Nathan at the mall by our house. It is always fun to have that break in the day where we can chill and enjoy each other's company.

1-15-08: BLANK. I had the cutest picture of my friends Tracy and Marisol at the park where we meet weekly. But I somehow formatted my memory card without downloading the photo. I'm bummed. We'll have to do it again next week! :)

1-16-08: I took this picture of my CD album cover from Wicked for a project I'm doing. My friend Tracy taught me how to thread my sewing machine and actually get it working! So I've been thinking of all sorts of ideas for fun projects and such. We'll see how many I get accomplished. :)

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