Photo a Day!

Okay, so I heard this great idea the other day on Photojojo about taking a photo every day to record and remember the things you did during the year. I thought it was such a great idea, not only to help improve my photography skills (because let's face it, if you're doing something every single day for a year, you'd better start getting better at it!) and also to be able to record your life in visual form. I have such a bad memory as it is, that it would be nearly impossible for me to remember what I did in May last year. But now I'll know! :)

So yeah, I'm excited about this little project and will be attempting to upload and catalog the photos here on my blog. That will help me to be more accountable, but it will also be cool to see the archives of them all. I'm going to try to post every day, but I'll probably end up doing a few at a time on catch-up days.

Starting with today.

I've done theses photos since the 6th, so I'm going to upload them in order today, and then hopefully get to them everyday and update. So enjoy! :)

01-06-08: Today was a 'let's play with the blocks' kind of day. Eli was experimenting with the different types of buildings that he could do, with our help and without. So he thought it would be a good idea to put his sippy cup on top of one of the buildings. He thought it was pretty cool until it fell over. Ah well, he built it again anyways.

01-07-08: Stomp, stomp, stomp! Doing the Yetti Stomp! This picture is of Eli doing the Yetti Stomp, which those of you moms or dads who know the Backyardigans, will probably know what I'm talking about. I wish I had caught a better picture, but this one seems to convey the movement and excitement he has about stomping around whenever anyone asks him to do so. So it's a keeper.

01-08-08: Okay, with this photo, I am admitting a weakness. I love chocolate. Way too much. It has probably contributed to the lamentable size of my waist. But sometimes I just can't help it. Like today. I bought some chocolate muffins from Costco. They're just so yummy in the morning. But hey, I never tried to claim I was perfect. Thank goodness, because I'd never live up to that claim!

01-09-08: Today we had a couple of the Walker kids over to our house to play. So this is not a picture of Eli and his blocks, it's a picture of Eli's friend Truman and the blocks. He sure had a fun time knocking them down once they were built up! Sounds familiar. :)

01-10-08: This is a frequent occurrence in our life, having Eli fall asleep in the car on the way home from running errands. I'm not a big morning person, and so by the time I'm ready to go run errands, it's usually around 11am, which only gives me a couple of hours to do those errands until Eli is cranky and ready for his nap. So yeah, he falls asleep a lot in the car. I'm sure this won't be the last asleep in the car picture for this project. :)

01-11-08: For this day, I had to include 2 photos, just because we had a lot of different, fun things going on that day that I wanted to record. First of all, Eli and I went to Target to pick out a gift for a baby shower I went to the next day. Eli decided he wanted to wear Nathan's beanie all through the store, even though it was hot out. Go figure.
The second photo is from Wicked, the musical that Nathan and I got to see that night. Oh man, if you haven't gone to see it and you can, I would urge you to do so. It was so good and the people who sang it were so incredibly talented. Plus it was nice to get a little date night in with my hubby.

01-12-08: This photo is from Eli's big hair cut on Saturday. We've been tired of it getting really long and unmanageable, so we told the woman doing it to cut it as short as possible. And we finally found the perfect secret to get him to sit quietly -- a lollipop! Of course, I didn't think about candy bribes! Works for me. :)

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