Eli Update

I can't believe it was over two years ago that this picture was taken. Man, he's getting so big now! Eli is finally being really vocal, repeating what we say and imitating our words. He's curious about new words and loves to tell us what each animal says and loves pointing things out to show us. He's really showing his intelligence and I'm loving it!

Eli loves Dora the Explorer. I seriously think he's got a major crush on her. It's too cute. He's got a little backpack that looks like the one in the show, and she's even got him counting to 15 in Spanish! Yay for Dora. Eli also loves it when Dadda comes home, he bounds to the door to open it and let him in. I love seeing that, as I'm sure Nathan does too. So cute. :)

He's also a big Play Doh fan, as witnessed by the multitude of little dried bits of it in my carpet. Oh well, that's the price I pay for a happy toddler, right? I'll take it! :) He loves being outside, running around and playing in the sand at the park. He always finds a little corner to hide in, where I will find him digging in the dirt or sand. He's definitely all boy!


Jessica said...

Your blog is awesome. Someday you will have to show me how I can do digital scrapbooking, it looks really fun.
Jessica Price

Stephanie said...

I love this layout especially how you used the leaves to highlight your text. great job! TFS.