I feel like a little kid again! :) My good friend Tracy and her husband both have passes to Legoland (our kids are free until they turn 3) and she told me one day that she was going out there. She asked if we had ever considered getting passes, and I told her we wanted to, but weren't sure if we would like it, if it would be worth it, how often we'd go, etc. But she convinced me that we'd love it and she said that we were welcome to go with her and David the next time they went.

So I got home that night and proposed the idea to Nathan. It didn't take too much convincing, as I know Nathan loves Lego's as much as I do and I'm sure he was curious to see how fun the park would be. (I mean, if all else fails, there's a huge Lego store there where you can get great pieces and sets, so that would be worth it! Hahahaha.)

I bought my pass that night online, printed out the ticket, and we went the next day with Tracy and her son David. Let me tell you, we had a BLAST! Eli loved it because there were rides that he could go on, I loved it because it is a fun amusement park with lots of little kid stuff to do, but even a few big kid rides too, so Eli won't grow out of it too fast. So needless to say, I'm so excited that we got passes! Yippee, thanks Mom and Dad Lakey! :)

Okay, so I guess I can't post something fun like that and not show you the pictures! Here are some fun ones from the first day we went and also from today (Nathan and I took Eli Saturday morning). Enjoy! :)

This is Eli absolutely loving these water musical instruments. He loved watching them spit water and wanted to hang out at that fountain all day long. :)

Here is the little monkey at their Mini-land place, he's pointing to something cool, I'm sure. :) The little mini towns are really neat, it's amazing to imagine the work that goes into making those things!

This is Tracy and David, our friends who invited us to go with them. I'm so glad we have good friends close by us that we can hang out with! Yay friends! :)

This is Eli's crazy happy face. Don't ask me, I don't know what he was so crazy happy about. :)

Here's me and the King. No explanation needed.

Okay, this is my favorite photo of the entire day. Look at the terror in his face!! BWAHAHAHAHA! Okay, I probably shouldn't laugh at my own child, but this just took me by complete surprise. He enjoyed all of the other rides just fine, going up and down and round and round. But then we got into this airplane ride that did a diagonal dip, and he just wasn't sure about that one. Love this priceless photo, and will definitely be showing it at his wedding, LOL! :)


Keen Ween said...

Oh Carlotta Jones! That looks like so much fun! I'm surprised Eli rode those rides. That's so fun!

Mama Llama said...

poor little guy is traumatized for life....how could you??? LOL