Well, it happened. It's July. I could lament about how fast time is going by, but instead I'll celebrate the fun things that July will bring us.

Yippee for summer to be in full swing! Yippee for my little sister to be getting married this month! Yippee for Eli possibly starting swimming lessons next week! See, there are lots of great things about July coming. I just have to remember that.

By the way, Nathan and I are loving the fact that Eli will go see a movie now. We went and saw this one last night. Although it didn't hold his attention the entire time (no dialog for the first 45 minutes will do that to a kid), he did enjoy it. And so did I. At least, the part I got to watch in between keeping my eye on a kid trying to escape to run up and down the stairs and stick his hand under the lighted walkway LED's. It was a cute movie.

But, watch out, here comes a rant -- there were these two dweebs who kept clapping during the movie because they used the Mac boot-up sound! Seriously? You love Apple so much that you have to applaud the use of its' sounds in a movie? Wow. Nathan was sure annoyed. :) And while I appreciate the Apple vibe (just look at the girl robot character, she should have a little Apple icon on her butt or something), I'm not about to root for it during the children's movie I'm watching. Too funny.

Anyways, things are going well with us lately. Yesterday I spent most of the day cleaning out our room, organizing and doing laundry. I hardly got on the computer! (A true shocker, I know!) I'm trying to find a balance lately, as I've been feeling much more tired because of the bun in the oven, and I don't feel like I can do it all. Not that I ever felt like I could, but now I need a daily nap scheduled in somewhere, lol! So that's been my project, trying to only do as much work on the computer as I have to, spending the rest of the time playing with Eli or keeping up with my house. So if I don't leave comments on your blog for a while, you'll know why! :)

Okay, well that was a big long post that was probably boring. Sorry. :) I'll end with some cute random pictures for you, just so that you can go back to loving it here. LOL.

Here is Eli hanging out with his park day buddies.
These kids' moms are my support system, my best friends, my buds.
Love them and their kids. :)

And then here's my kid at home. With a puzzle piece in his mouth.
Which he knows he's not supposed to have in his mouth -- hence the "what are you gonna do about it Mom?" look on his face. Yeah, nice.

Burying himself in the pillows, his favorite thing to do lately.
Then he'll come out in a huge ruckus and yell, "There I am!" So fun having a two year old. :)

And here's a tribute to my two favorite brothers. :) They're crazy and fun and I love them both to pieces. Tom has actually put his papers in for his mission for our church. We're waiting to find out where he's going to be sent. It's so hard to wait! :) I know he'll do great wherever he goes, he's so much more spiritual than I was at his age. He's a really great guy. (I just tried to type kid and realized I can't do that anymore. He's 19. Holy smokes, how did that happen so fast??)


JAG said...

There I am. Right here.
Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. Much abliged?

Mama Llama said...

what a couple of weirdos, always the more faces....

Laurel said...

Oh mom, those aren't even the worst of it, you know!