Dude. Next week is July. How in the world did that happen?

Well, here's a cute photo to bring in the summer season. :) Eli and I have been taking advantage of the beach lately, and we've both been loving it. Enjoy!

Some lost seaweed that we found. Exciting.

So excited about his two shovels. Ah, to be an easily amused child again!

Just diggin', Mama.

And here's Eli with his friends, David and Monica.
They're a great little group and they always have fun
playing together.


Amy Lemaniak said...

Oh, I'm SO jealous! We have beaches here, but nothing like the REAL beaches you guys have. Looks like you're thoroughly enjoying your summer!

Erin said...

I miss you, Laurel! I hope you're doing well! Hopefully we'll be down again soon to enjoy a beach day with all of you!

Cori said...

I want to go to the beach!! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. Love the pictures!