Man, we are sick. And I mean the 'lay in bed wishing you could take your head off because it's basically just a big stuffed organ' kind of sick. Eli had it last week, and of course that means Nathan came down with it yesterday, and I developed it last night. Yeehaw. Of all weeks, it had to be this week that we got sick. :(

But we have been downing orange juice and cough drops and hoping that it doesn't last as long as Eli's did. (He's still got a little lingering cough from last week.) So if you feel so inclined, prayers would be great and appreciated.

And yes, we'll still be voting -- that's one job that won't be missed today. :)


Gossling Family Album said...

Laurel hang in there. But man what a dedicated American, voting when your are about to collaspe over from the Flu.

Kylie said...

We just got over our bugs too. It always starts with the kiddos...and then the parents get it to, yuck. We swear by Zinc in our house. My mom takes it religiously and hasn't caught either of the last 2 rounds of bugs. I take it when I get sick, and I think it helps shorten and lessen the cold. Hope you guys kick it quick!

Amy Lemaniak said...

Hoping you guys feel better soon!

Pixel Fairy Princess said...

OMG - I am so sorry! Being sick is just miserable ;-(
Send you lots of ladybug hugs hoping that you get well :D