We're still alive!

I suppose it's time for me to come out from behind my mountain of boxes and make contact with the outside world. :) I can't believe how fast time has flown since I last posted here, sorry about that. But the good news is that we've been real busy just trying to get unpacked, get organized, clean our old place, and feel like we're actually 'home' when we come back to the new house. That is something that will probably take a little time to get used to.

Eli is doing great with the move. We got him a new bed (which I'm still searching for the perfect bedspread for, so no pictures yet, sorry) and he's transitioning fairly well. I think he's still getting used to being in his own big room with a door, heehee. But he does love having room to roam and just play, plus a great backyard and sandbox to keep him occupied.

We haven't gotten TV yet, so things are a little interesting, but I think it's good for us. Although it does make you feel a little more isolated than normal, but we're adapting. Besides, you can get lots of shows online nowadays anyway, right? As long as I can keep up with the Amazing Race, I'm good. :)

Okay, well, I didn't think it would be fair to post again with NO pictures, so here are some recent ones to enjoy. Nathan's birthday was on Sunday and he turned the big 2-8! Wow, he's almost 30! :) We had a fun day together and I surprised him with tickets to see the Smashing Pumpkins, which is something on his life list that he's always wanted to do. I was pretty proud of myself that I could keep the secret from him and that he had NO CLUE that I was even thinking about it. Score. :)


I was just happy to get them both wearing the party hats! :) That's the one good thing about always being behind the camera -- no one can see how I look in a party hat, LOL.


Nathan opening my surprise present. I was so excited to see his excitement! :)
(And you can see our unfinished tile project in the background....don't worry, we're getting it fixed soon, I hope!)




We got a great cake from Baskin Robbins and of course Eli had to pick the dinosaur one with the blue and green frostings. Of course. :)


Then later, we made my dad's famous shishkabobs! Yumm-O! We hadn't had those in a while and they were great.


Eli sort of helped, by trying to stay out of the way and just watch while Dada threaded the meat. He did a pretty good job. :)

And don't worry, I'll be posting more soon as we've got Thanksgiving coming up with my best friend and her hubby, and Nathan has this entire week off! So we're looking forward to doing some fun things together as a family. That sure is precious time lately.


JAG said...

Don't worry, I have the image of you in a party hat tattooed in my brain. So stay behind the camera all you want.

I just remembered my first Thanksgiving in Utah was spent with you guys and Summer (and Matt & Shayne). Good times.

Launa said...

Hey! Great to hear from you! Looks like you had a great party! I wish we lived closer! Steven does ceramic tile, granite and marble! And he is an artist! I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Blessings....