This and That

Wow, has it really been that long since I last posted? I suppose we've just been busy enjoying the Christmas season, spending time with family, hosting a party, and loving our little family. All good things.

I have a new year post that will come tomorrow -- still working on my new word. That will be fun!

For now, here's a few random things that we've been up to lately.


We finally got a little family picture! In fact, I think this is the first family photo we've taken since W was born. Lame, I know. But at least we have one now! :)


Me and the little monkey. His hair is crazy, we know. One of these days we'll get to cutting it. Or maybe just a trim. We'll see...

We met up with the hubby's family at the Mission Inn in downtown Riverside for dinner this week. It was fun getting to see everyone again before they all headed back to Utah and Boston. We ate at a yummy restaurant there, but I was not impressed with our wait time -- it took us almost an hour and a half to get our food! Ridiculous, especially with small children. W had to be walked around and entertained by PaPa for a long time. Luckily there were lots of lights and Christmas decorations still up, so they got to see those.

Mission Inn dinner








I love the holiday season where we can get together with family, play games, eat good food, and just have a good time. Thanks to Janae, Renee and Lewis, the hubby and I also get a chance to have a date here and there! It's amazing. :) In fact, last night we got to go see Sherlock Holmes. I liked it a lot. We discussed some new things coming up for us this year and are working on the changes that we need to make. It's going to be a good year.

Be back tomorrow. (That's one of my goals for this year -- to blog a little more about our lives and not feel like I have to conform to what I think 'people' will want to hear, but to be more authentically me on this blog. I mean, it is my blog, so why should I be so concerned about it? But that's for another post...)


Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

nice to see what you've been up to! Happy New Year!

Caroline said...

Cute pictures of you! I am glad you had some great family time and oh ..... cute jacket ;)