Laughing so hard today!

Maybe it's just me, but today E gave us some funny lines.

First -- we were at a little breakfast meeting with E this morning to meet his new Primary teachers. He's moving up to the main children's Sunday School and so they had a little meet and greet to see his teachers. They asked him what his favorite song is and he said, "Shuge-shuge, dununu-nu-nu, shuge-shuge, dununu-nu-nu..."

Oh, what, you don't recognize that song? Here you go:

It's the beginning to "Come Together" by the Beatles. The hubby got the "Ones" album for Christmas and this is E's favorite song from the album (with "Yellow Submarine" a close second). Makes me so proud that we've got a Beatles fan at such a young age.

Second -- this one requires a little background info. I posted before about this cool ASL video that someone did using Mylie Cyrus' song "Party in the USA" and I was watching it the day I posted. E came in the room and just LOVED the video, made me watch it at least 5 times, learning the motions for the chorus.

Fast forward to now, it's another one of his favorite songs and he knows the whole chorus. So today we were uploading some photos from his own little kid digital camera he has, and there is a screen that shows up when it's connected that says USB Connect.

So he looks at the screen on the camera and starts singing, "Mama, it's a party in the U-S-B!"

Hilarious to me. Probably lukewarm to you, but I just had to post it. :)

He's just a funny little guy. I really should start writing down more of his little sayings -- I'm sure I'll love to read them years from now.

Hope you're having a great Saturday! See you soon!

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Janae said...

Eli is so funny! He always gets me laughing and I love his spin off of the Party in the U.S.A. I think he could be the next You Tube sensation!