I hope, for your sake, that you can’t relate

You know what I hate?

Having to wash a load of laundry twice because I forgot about it, letting it sit overnight in the washer to get sour and yucky.

But do you know what I really hate?

Having to wash a load of laundry thrice (yeah, I said it) because I forgot about it a second time, letting it sit all day in the washer after re-washing it from sitting all night in the washer the previous night, getting sour and yucky.

Yep, that’s my life. Awesome.

But on a happier note, I am spending some time going through the few (HA!) photos that I took while on vacation with my family last week. We all congregated in our beloved state of Texas, home to two of my sisters (in the same city no less) who make me very jealous that they get to have Sunday dinners with each other now. And although I suffered the casualty of losing one of my new 16GB memory cards from my camera, I was lucky that there weren’t any of the trip photos on it.

Insert huge sigh of relief here.

My only hope is that some maid at the Sheraton in Albuquerque finds it, laughs at the family photos on it, and calls me back. Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

I will be sure to share the photos that I didn’t lose in the next couple of days. I’ve also got a treat – some senior pictures of my gorgeous little sister, who is still, like, 11 years old, so how can she be a senior in high school this year??

Seriously, time, slow down. You’re not impressing anyone with your speed. We get it, you’re fast and cool. Now knock it off, or else I’m going to turn around one of these days and have a senior in high school for a son!

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Rebecca Busath said...

And yes, you will have a son who is a senior, who will then leave the house for college and a mission and eventually marriage and a family of his own. It happens, and time is not a friend on some days, but looking at you and Emily and Ali and the beautiful families you have created and the wonderful mothers you are (and will be in Ali's case), it's worth cannot be measured in time or money. Life is good, suck it in as much as you can while they're still living at home. It doesn't last forever.

Can't wait to see the pics! <3