No one could recognize us…

When we were on our road trip to Texas, we stopped for lunch at Wendy’s one day. The toy that the boys got was a great disguise! Every time I would look in the rear view mirror that day, E was wearing it and it cracked me up!



I had to get in on the action, too. It’s tough taking a disguised self-portrait, however.



Here, you try them on!



Hope this little bit of silliness brings a smile to your face today.


Amanda said...

Laurel, what blogger template do you use and how do you get your photos to post so large? Thanks!

Christy said...

Ha! Now how could that not make me smile! :D Hope you are all doing well!

Laurel said...

Thanks Christy! :) We're doing well, just doing what we do, haha. What about you guys?

Amanda, I use a basic template with a couple of tweaks that Nathan added. I'll have to ask him what he did and get back to you, haha. As for the pictures, I use Live Writer on Nathan's PC to write my posts these days. It's an easy way to format your posts and have them set up the way you want.

If you want another easy way to do large photos, you can upload them to Flickr and then insert the html code into your blog posts -- that way the photos are being hosted on Flickr and not Blogger, so you have more space and can customize the size of the photos. Email me if you want more specific instructions:

laurel dot lakey at gmail dot com

I love looking at your adorable photos! Those boys are just too cute. I hope you're resting as much as you can! :)