I'm Amazed

I have a friend, Mandy, who is constantly amazing me. She has this ability to put into words the very things that I would love to say but don't know how. The way she places words within sentences draws you in and pulls your heart towards a direction you didn't know you wanted to go. And this post is no different. But then again, in a way it is. Because it really spoke to me, more so than any recent one.

I wondered why. Then I realized that it's because within this post, I could 100% relate to what she was saying. It wasn't just that part of it applied to me, or that I could imagine where she was coming from. It was because I had been right there in that exact situation and felt like she was talking about me. And I love that.

Obviously that isn't always the case with everything I read. So I was glad to have found something that spoke directly to my heart and put words there that I didn't know how to place myself.

So thank you, Mandy, for sharing your words and ideas. You make me want to be better, and that is truly the best compliment I could give.

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