Demolition Derby!

Well, maybe not so much a derby, but definitely demolition!

When we moved into our house almost 3 years ago, there was this crazy colorful tile on the backsplash:


It was not our style at all and we wanted it gone. So what did we do? Ripped out the tile, of course!

During that process, sadly, we discovered that the previous owners had put the tile up with some sort of commercial-grade super glue strength adhesive. Like, Superman would have trouble getting this tile off the wall without doing damage.

So we ended up with this crazy messed up wall and it stayed that way for a long time because we didn’t really have the motivation or the know-how to fix it. And then eventually, we got used to it and it faded into the background, so we kind of forgot about it (until, of course, friends would come over and I would be instantly reminded of how ugly it was!).


But finally, recently, we got the itch to get it finished, and got a bid from a company that seemed kind of high. So we asked one of our very knowledgeable friends who deals with this a lot with his job, and he got one of his guys to come over and work a better deal with us. This all happened, literally, within three days’ time. It was crazy! We were really glad that our friend’s guy had time this week to fit it in and so we said, “Let’s go!”

The above picture is from this morning before everything got started. We pulled all the drawers out and cleared out the counters.

The guys came in and started ripping out the wall. We knew they’d have to replace a lot of the drywall because of the holes. So they did that, got the drywall put up, took out the counters and started prepping for the mudding and taping that was to happen the next day.


It’s getting real!! I’ll post more pictures as the process continues…


mrbus said...

Wow, I never even saw the original tiles. Pretty exciting to get a new look...congratulations!

Joseph & Tracy Larsen said...

wow! I can't believe that they had to rip out the counters! I can't wait for more pictures

Laurel said...

Oh no, Tracy, we GET to rip out the tile because we're replacing it with granite all around! I'm so excited, I can hardly wait!