We love Kung Fu Panda

We took the kids to the second Kung Fu Panda movie when it opened this past May. It was so much fun, and they were so excited for it. I really liked the movie and the animation was absolutely incredible. That was almost as entertaining as the movie itself.

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We liked it so much that we went back to see it again a couple of weeks later, that time just me and the boys. It made for a great date.

Of course, after that, we had no shortage of Kung Fu moves going on at our house, with the sounds of “Hi-YAH!” echoing down the stairs. E even turned a lot of his action figures into the Furious 5 in disguise. So the Batman from a Happy Meal was actually Tigress in disguise, and Elmo was Mantis in disguise, etc. It was quite entertaining to watch him play with them.

W had fun going around practicing his ‘moves’ and loved showing them off to anyone who would pay attention. Such ‘moves’ included kicking and punching the air wildly with a very determined looking face, coupled with that intimidating “Hi-YAH!”. It was quite fun.

I just love those boys of mine.

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