Road Trip - Day 1

During the middle of August, our little family went up to Utah to get together with my family and have a little reunion of sorts. We had all gotten our travel arrangements made when my brother was to get married, but when we found out that had been called off, we decided to stick with the plan and turn it into a family reunion instead. It was so fun to get to spend a week with my sisters, brothers, mom and dad. We did miss the in-law husbands, of course. But it was nice being together for a little while.

The trip up there only took us a day, so that was nice. We decided to rent a van to see how we liked it and also so that we wouldn’t put those miles on one of our own cars. It was nice having enough room to spread out a little more than we would have had with my X-Terra, and it didn’t hurt that we got a van with about 13 miles on it. Score!

Here’s a layout about the drive up there:

Road Trip

The journaling says: “We had a great first day on our road trip to Utah! We struck out early, getting out the door by 6:45am (Hubby’s always eager to get on the road). The boys were groggily excited, but enjoyed it nonetheless. I say they’re spoiled since they get to watch DVD’s the whole way. When I was their age, I was lucky to have a notebook, colored pencils, books and a Walkman! In any case, we had a great day of travel, making good time and only stopping twice or so. The van we rented turned out to be a brilliant idea since it meant we started with a brand new, clean car, and there were enough seats to have the boys in the very back, which cut down on noise, even if it added to the space I had to traverse to get things to them. Next time I’ll invest in a grabbing extendo hand to transport snacks and things back there. It was also great to have a van because that meant we could have extra passengers if needed (in Utah. No hitch-hikers on the way!). E really liked seeing all the new state signs once we crossed the borders (of the ones he actually got to see, that is). Overall, the trip up was uneventful, which is just the way we like them.”

I’m happy I remembered to get a self-portrait on the trip, because heaven knows I was only on that side of the camera a handful of times. At least now you know I was actually there!

We were glad to make it to Utah safe and sound. Especially since we had so many fun things planned for the upcoming week! With such a packed schedule, it was nice to have a bed to sleep in to get rested. We were so lucky to be able to stay with my wonderful grandparents, who were just so kind to us and welcomed us in with hardly any notice. We love them! :)

Day two, coming up soon!

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Shalae said...

Another great layout. Man I miss you on the Layout Team. :) It was so great seeing you when you were up!