Road Trip - Day 3

Day three was all about hanging out with the kids in the morning so that we could steal off to go to the temple in the afternoon. So first we went to feed the ducks at the huge pond/small lake at my grandparents’ community park. It was really fun and the kids had a blast finding all the ducks and ‘feeding’ them. Or, throwing food at their heads, whichever they were actually doing.








W had to sit and decide what was better…hmmm…


Throwing the bread?


Or eating the bread?


Hmmm….what to do, what to do?


Duh! Eat the bread! :)


After the bread was done and gone, we took the boys on an exploratory hike. They found, among other interesting things, this great big tree whose trunk was growing a bit sideways. They, being boys, of course decided it was the perfect one to climb. Actually, Nate had the idea first, but as you know, monkey see – monkey do!


It wasn’t long until they were all up in the tree. Of course, I had to get some shots of them together. And I sure was doing my darnedest trying to make them laugh!





I think it worked. :)

After setting the boys up with some wonderful grandparents, the rest of us adults were all able to go to the temple that afternoon and meet up with my mom and dad. So we had everyone there that was present and able – Mom, Dad, Emily, me, my hubby, Ali, and Tom. It was something very special to me and I’m so grateful that all of us are able to participate in these special and sacred ordinances together. Standing together in the celestial room (which is the most sacred room we can enter in the temple, for anyone not familiar with the temple) was such a wonderful experience and it really made me grateful for our family. We are an eternal family and I’m so excited to have that.

That was a fun day.

Stay tuned for day four! (Or don’t, if you’re bored, ha!)

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Rebecca Busath said...

Love the boys in the tree!