Oldies but goodies

I came across some old photos tonight that I just had to share. They’re from March of ‘09.

Here’s our little W as a baby, wasn’t he just the most adorable thing? Looking at these now, I can see lots of the facial expressions that he does today are the same as when he was a little goose. Too cute, I tell you!




(And seriously, posting with LiveWriter strips away all the yummy color that is supposed to be in these photos and I don’t know how to make it stop. It’s frustrating! But just imagine these pictures with gorgeous, saturated color instead of this bland mess you see before you. Ugh.)

I swear, babies are freaking adorable. Especially when they look like little old men. And speaking of little old men babies, my seester Ali is due to have her own very soon and I’m super excited for her! I’ll be so happy to get to go visit her and hold her little guy, and then I’ll be so happy to give him right back when he needs a change. I mean, what are aunts for! ;)

I really can’t believe my little old man baby W is growing so fast! I mean, he’s actually out of diapers and has graduated to the ranks of underwear-er! Miracle of miracles! I just know I’m going to blink and he’ll be off on his mission to some foreign land with no internet access. Craziness.

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