E’s funny sayings

Sometimes it’s a roller coaster living with a child like my oldest, E. He’s remarkably smart, has a mind like steel trap, and he likes to store new vocabulary words or phrases that he reads or sees on TV. And while he thinks he understands the context in which they should be said, he’s still not that socially mature, and tends to repeat these new words or phrases at random times, which can either be funny or embarrassing – sometimes both.  And then other times he just says funny stuff because he’s E and that’s part of his personality.

A friend of mine suggested I start writing down these funny things that E says. I have to admit, I’d thought about doing this before (and have a few scraps of paper with quotes on them that I just couldn’t resist writing down) and that was just the reminder I needed. So, please enjoy, some fun and funny E quotes:

E: “Mom, can we go to Ralph’s (our local grocery store) tomorrow?”

Me: “Why, bud?”

E: [He slams down four quarters on the kitchen table with his hand.]

“So I can spend these four bad boys!”


--Pause for dramatic effect--


“That means these quarters.”

While eating his frozen lemonade at Disneyland, E realized it was starting to melt in the hot sun.

E: “Mom, I’m going to wait until it’s all beverage, then drink it up.”

At the salon, waiting to get his hair cut, looking through a look book (with a lot of examples of haircuts).

E: “Mom, you should get your hair cut.”

Me: “Should I get it cut as short as yours? Maybe just chop it all off?”

E: “Yeah. Or you could look through this book, there’s a segment for girls too!”

Still at the salon, while I took W into the bathroom to go potty.

E: (to the hair stylist) “I want to cut my hair like this!” (points to a faux-hawk in the look book)

Stylist: “Is that OK with your mom?”

E: “It’s OK with me!”

There are a lot more where these came from, so I’ll try to get some more written down. For posterity, right? And maybe this will garner me some sympathy points when he is older and realizes what it was really like to raise him! ;)


Christy said...

So cute! I still insist he and Sage were cut from the same cloth - it's a good thing they keep us laughing! :)

Angela said...

You need to add this story:
"Angela and Eli were finishing an AdLib together one night. One of the blanks said, 'Your Name'. Eli began writing 'Elijah', but that was too long to fit in the blank, so he wrote 'Eli' instead. After he finished writing, he looked at Angela and said, 'You know, Eli isn't really my real name. It's just my nickname." Angela asked him if he knew what her nickname was, and in a slow, hushed voice, he whispered into her ear, 'Hunny Boo-Boo Child?'"