Eli's Got Talent

Last night was our elementary school's talent show and I'm SO super proud of Eli for performing in it. He told me that he was really nervous and wasn't sure if he still wanted to do it, as we were driving there. So we had a good talk about being nervous but still going through with things, and about how he had made a commitment to do it. I don't think it helped his nerves all that much, ha.

He was the third-to-last performer of the night, and I'm not sure if watching a lot of the other kids go first was better or worse for him!

At dinner afterward, he told me that as he was walking up he was thinking to himself, "I'm too scared to do it, I'm just going to quit tae kwon do forever!" Thankfully, he didn't follow through on that. He did a wonderful job on his forms and everyone was so supportive of him. Here's the video for you to enjoy!

Sorry if it’s a little shaky, and I couldn’t help myself but to yell for him at the end. :) He came straight back to us in the audience after he was done and just had the biggest grin on his face! I know he was proud of himself, just like I was. I think he learned a great self-esteem building lesson, that even when things seem really hard, you can still push through and complete them, and then the feeling afterward is amazing!

He’s already talking about what he’ll do for next year’s show. ;)


Janae and Topher said...

He was awesome!

Renee said...

He did great!! He's getting so big, I can't believe it.

mrbus said...

Great job! I like how Eli had to put his hand up to stop the audience from getting too carried away cheering before he was finished.

JAG said...

Way to go, Eli!! You've learned so much and I'm glad you could show off your skills to the audience! Awesome job!!

Angela said...

Go Eli! That was awesome! Maybe this video will go viral and he really will make it to America's Got Talent! ;)