Random thoughts

As I’m sitting here working on a new project for Scrap Girls, I had the thought strike me that I needed to do a blog post. Okay, little thought, I’ll take you up on that.

What’s been on my mind lately? Lots of things, as per usual! But here are the top things.

I’m excited for tomorrow night to come because it will be Eli’s premiere debut in his school talent show! I’m really looking forward to seeing him perform his taekwondo forms that he’s been learning. When the tryout forms came out a while ago, he brought it home determined to try out, doing a magic show. My first thought was, “There’s no way we’re doing the talent show!” which, once I thought it over and realized how much it meant to him, turned into, “Okay, we can do the talent show, but we’ve got to figure something else out besides a magic show, since you’ve never done a magic show before and the deadline is in 4 days! It took a little convincing, but he finally gave in and admitted that it may be hard to gather all the needed supplies, then teach himself how to do a complete magic show in 4 days (which, if you know Eli at all, was a huge victory for me, because normally he’d just be full speed ahead no matter the obstacle).

So anyway, long-story-short, we figured out that he could dress in his taekwondo uniform and do the forms (kind of like routines) that he’s been learning and being tested on in his taekwondo class. So tomorrow night will be the big night and I’m excited to see how he does. He got a little nervous before the tryouts, but sailed through them without a second glance once he was up on the stage. I’m hoping it will be the same way tomorrow night.

Recently I was called to be in the Primary presidency in our ward. (For those of you not as familiar, that just means I was asked to volunteer in a leadership position for the children’s group in our local church.) So far I have really enjoyed being a part of the presidency and have loved getting to know the kids better. This Sunday will mark the first week that I’ll be teaching Sharing Time, and I’m looking forward to it as well as getting a little nervous about it. I used to be the music leader for Primary a few years ago in our other ward, so I’m not completely new at it, but having to conduct and everything can be a little daunting. I’m sure it will turn out just fine, it’s just always that anxious energy before it happens that makes me think about it a lot. Wish me luck!

Last week was my 30th birthday. and I’m still kind of processing that. Don’t get me wrong, I love having birthdays, I’m just not so sure about leaving my 20’s behind. I mean, like I’ve told a lot of people lately, that really was the decade that I feel like I was a ‘real’ adult and my life kind of started. That’s when I got married, when I had both of my wonderful kids, and it still felt young enough that I could be proud that I was ‘in my 20’s’. Not so much anymore. 30 just seems old to me. I know, there are lots of people who laugh at that statement, but to me it feels true. I’m sure that my 30’s will be awesome and a lot better than I’m setting them up for, ha! It’s just hard to say goodbye to a whole decade like that. Alright, enough whining. :)

Let’s see, anything else? Well yes, lots of other things, but I don’t really want to bore you to death with this post! So I’ll just leave with some adorable photos of my two little guys. Because come on, who can resist these cutie patootie faces??



Ha! We had a fun Spring Break and spent one of the days at the beach. Of course, we had to bury the boys. They enjoyed it. :)

Oh yeah, and I have to add this video. Just trust me, you’ll thank me.


Shelley said...

Love your thoughts Laurel. :) I had a difficult time with the fact that I was leaving my 20's too. This year it was 31... still not sure I like the sound of it. But it will be okay suppose. :) Your boys are super adorable and I think that's cool about Eli's talent show! Hope it went well! The video at the bottom wouldn't show up for me and left me a little curious. But I loved the rest of the post!

Rebecca Busath said...

Ok, those pics make me feel a little claustrophobic... good for them, and they are SO lucky to have a mom who spends time with them... you are awesome. Love you!