Disney with my boys

(July 10th)

Today I took the boys to Disneyland because I really wanted to see the Lone Ranger train that was on display there, after they had the movie premiere at California Adventure. West, of course, was all over it, but Eli took some convincing. I mean, seriously, I must have broken my kid because what 7-year-old doesn’t like going to Disneyland?! Really though, he loves it once he’s there, he just gets nervous that Nathan and I will make him go on rides he doesn’t like. For better or worse, we’ve stopped forcing him to face his fears, so he’s mellowed out a little bit about it lately, ha. Parents of the year, I know.

So the first stop was the steam engine and it was certainly impressive! Although not enough for the boys to ignore the blaring sun in their faces.


Then it was off to the boys’ favorite place – Redwood Creek Challenge Trail! Really, if they could spend all day there, with a few churro breaks in between, I’m sure I wouldn’t hear any complaints about going to Disneyland ever again.

A favorite of theirs is the Bravery Test, aka the tire swing. LBL_8657

It’s fun to watch them zip down the line, especially because at the end, they get swung up as they’re stopped and swing back toward the other end. West loved it even as he was falling off the swing!




Of course, they then had to mark it off on their trail maps. Good thing I have a steady supply of quarters!




Next is the kiddie slides, then the popular rock climbing test. They both love this one, but West is just a natural climber and he always looks right at home on the rocks. Eli is getting better and better at it, the more he does it.








Then we made our way to the Little Mermaid ride, a favorite of ours to take a break from the heat outside! I took along my big camera to try and get some shots of the inside of the ride and was pleased with the way most of them turned out.

LBL_8732 LBL_8747 LBL_8759 LBL_8762 LBL_8766 LBL_8777 LBL_8782 LBL_8784

Then we headed over to King Triton’s Carousel, and Toy Story Midway Mania. I love riding the carousel with the boys, and Midway Mania is one of my top-three favorites rides in the park. It’s almost always worth the wait and I love getting to practice my shootin’ skills, ha.

LBL_8788 LBL_8798 LBL_8800 LBL_8801

Finally, we ended our day with some ice cream! Yum!

LBL_8834 LBL_8837

And here’s the only proof that I was there that day: the boys and my ice cream. :)


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