It doesn’t even look like him!

(July 3rd)

We ended up not doing anything special for the Fourth of July, because of this:

Here is my poor little Westie boy after getting pinkeye over the weekend. Even though he looks miserable, he was such a trooper and it didn’t stop him from being his adorable self.

IMG_5479 IMG_5482IMG_5480 

I was super paranoid that Nathan, Eli or myself would get it, since it’s so contagious, but thankfully we were spared. We got West to the doctor quickly and on antibiotics, and within a few days he was back to his normal self. I wasn’t really all that bummed that we had to miss out on the festivities of the Fourth of July, and I actually enjoyed just hanging out at home with the family.

And I just had to share these photos because I thought he was way too cute of an invalid. :)

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Rebecca Busath said...

He is a cute invalid, and he has a good mommy to take care of him!!